Examples of Metaphor of Colors in Indonesian

Metaphor of colors is an interesting topic of metaphor that you can use in your Indonesian writing or literature work. There are many unique and interesting metaphors of colors in Indonesian that you can use. Read the more complete and thorough explanation below. Metaphor Meaning in Indonesian In Indonesia, we call metaphor as “metafora” or […]

Is The Indonesian Word “Bahasa” Derived from Sanskrit “Bhasha?”

As you might know, language is translated as “Bahasa” in Indonesian. You might wonder… Where does this word come from? Is it derived from Sanskrit “Bhasha”? What was the connection between the Indonesian language and Sanskrit? If you look at Indonesian’ prehistory, you will find that Indonesia has a long story with Hinduism, which used […]

How Do Native Indonesians Think of Chinese Indonesians?

Since centuries ago, many people from around the world see Indonesia as a prospective country for business and trading. Chinese people also known as people that like to go anywhere to sell things. Indonesia was one of the countries that visited by many Chinese. Chinese people have come and lived in Indonesia since 13th century. […]

15 Indonesian Quotes about Culture and Its Deep Meaning

Hello everyone! This time, I am going to give you some quotes about culture. You can use the quotes below to learn more about Indonesian culture, also to improve your Indonesian language. Before you get down to the quotes, here are some articles recommended for you. Quotes About Indonesian Food Conversations about Indonesian Culture Indonesian […]

Indonesian Sayings about Family with English Translation

Hello! Welcome back! Do you know that Indonesian has a proverb called ‘Makan gak makan yang penting ngumpul’ (Dinner or not, the most important thing is to gather) which means ‘we should have family time despite our busy activities’ (Check Indonesian Expressions for Foreigners). On the other words, similar to other Asian countries, Indonesia sees […]

A-Z Indonesian Inspirational Quotes about Life with English Translation

Hello! Welcome back. When we feel down, some motivation and inspiration could be the cure to move on. Every nation has its own public figure. Therefore, why don’t we learn language through Indonesian inspirational quotes about life? In addition, we could also learn some life lesson from them. However, before we start, take a look […]

Wise Quotes of the Day in Indonesian with English Translation

Hey! Ready for another lesson? As you know language is used to express our mind and feeling. Therefore, in a song, literature, movie or even when we talk, sometimes we use beautiful chain of words. At this lesson let’s learn Bahasa Indonesia through Quotes of the Day in Indonesian. You will learn several popular Indonesian […]

Indonesian Pantun – Types – Examples

Selamat datang! Welcome back to another lesson of Bahasa Indonesia! In this opportunity, let’s move awhile from technical learning of Bahasa Indonesia, such as Indonesian Prefixes or Indonesian Phonetics Theory Examples, and explore more culture and literature-related of Bahasa Indonesia. Both in Indonesia and Malaysia, we know an ancient poetry called pantun. Unlike poetry that is […]

Indonesian Figure of Speech – Types – Definitions – Examples

In almost any language, there is always figure of speech. In Bahasa Indonesia, figure of speech is known as majas. Majas is a kind of imagery or figurative speech which usually used to strengthen the impression of a sentence both written and speech and trigger imaginative sense for the audiences. Also learn about Indonesian proverbs […]

3 Examples of Poetry in Indonesia – Types – Meaning

Poem and poetry is one of the famous literature branch in Indonesia. Numbers of poems have been written by numerous Indonesian poets from years to years. Old poems are classical, but people nowadays prefers modern and contemporary poems. Learning Indonesian poems gives you the chance to learn new vocabularies because the main characteristic of poem […]