How Do Indonesians Pronounce to ‘wkwkwk?’

Slang words are often found in every languages from countries around the world. The slang words relate to any type of informal language, for example onomatopoeia which usually speak or write to introduce an example of a sound. According to Oxford online dictionary, onomatopoeia is the fact of words containing sounds similar to the noises […]

What Are The Reasons Non-Indonesians Have A Hard Time Pronouncing Indonesian Words?

In this globalization era, learning new language is one of the important things. Learning the new language is not only for having the new language for the mind, but also for speaking it at the place where the language is spoken. It must be difficult for the first learner to learn the new language. The […]

Meaning of “oma” in Indonesian – Clear Examples

Hello everyone! Today, I am going to tell you about a common word. This word is used to greet an older women. It is “oma”. Many Indonesian people use “oma” to call their grandmother. Based on KBBI (Indonesian Great Dictionary), “oma” means “nenek” which means “grandmother” or  “grandma” in English. Many people in Indonesia use […]

Learn The Balinese Phrases and Pronunciation – Brief Examples

Om Swastyastu. In Indonesia, Bali is the biggest international tourist destination because its beach (and scenery) as well as it beautiful culture and people. Even the local language found Bali to be their main destination in Indonesia. Of course, beside learning Bahasa Indonesia, you should also get familiar with some Balinese phrases and pronunciation. Therefore, […]

Indonesian Alphabet Pronunciation – Exercises

Hello. Selamat datang! Without a doubt, Indonesian Alphabets is one of the very first and basic thing to learn when we talked about Bahasa Indonesia. Although the formation of the alphabet has no different with English, there is a slight difference with the pronunciation (Check also Indonesian Words Pronunciation). This happened because Bahasa Indonesia has […]

Indonesian Phonetic Transcription – Formula – Examples

Indonesian language originated coming from Malay languange. Even though the most population of Indonesian people are coming from Java, but Malay language choosen as the language of the nation. It is because Malay language was used in trading activities long time  ago that connected Java and Sumatra Island. Sometimes it is called as Malay pasar […]

Learn Indonesian Pronunciation of Basic Words

Good day and thank you for stopping by MasteringBahasa! How far have you learned Indonesian language up until now? Have you learned about how to introduce yourself in Indonesian and practised some Indonesian conversdation phrases? Learn Indonesian Pronunciation of Basic Words You also need to learn about Indonesian pronunciation as the way words are pronounced […]

120 Indonesian Words Starting with S – Meaning

Hello, fellas! Welcome back to Everyday we always give you a new material for learning Bahasa Indonesia. After we give you Indonesian Words that Start from ‘C’ and Indonesian Essential Phrases, this time we give you an amount of words from letter ‘S’. Indonesian Words Starting with S Here is the words : Saat = […]

A-Z Indonesian Words Pronunciation – Complete Guide

Hi! Are you ready to learn more Indonesian words today? Being familiar with common Indonesian words  is not enough, you also need to master how to pronounce these words the right way. Before we dive more into Indonesian pronunciation, you might want to check out about Indonesian alphabets – vowels and pronunciation. The Indonesian language […]

26 Indonesian Words in Alphabetical Order

Indonesia is a country that consists of many different islands with many languages, however with all those differences, Bahasa Indonesia is chosen as the official language in this country. Bahasa Indonesia is a relatively easy language to learn if you are dedicated to work hard and practice a lot (check out how long it takes […]