Why Do Malaysians and Singaporeans Refer to Indonesians as “Indon”?

As we know, other people in most of countries in the world call Indonesian people as “Indonesian”. However, for Malaysians and Singaporeans, it is a little different. They usually refer to Indonesians as “indon”. It is not a secret that most of Indonesian don’t like to be called indon. You might be curious why do […]

Before the Use of The Roman Alphabet, Was There An Indigenous Script for Bahasa Indonesia?

If you are learning Indonesian some of you might wonder if there are any indigenous script that dated long before any Roman alphabet in Indonesia. Does Indonesia have a special script or an indigenous script like in Thailand or Myanmar? So, the answer to the question: Before the use of the Roman alphabet, was there […]

What Languages Are Closest to Indonesian Language Beside Malaysian Language?

As we all already know, Indonesian language are very similar with Malaysian language. Although the dialect and several of the words are different, Indonesian and Malaysian people can understand each other because of the similarity. Indonesian and Malaysian languages are both a form of modern Malay language. This explains the similarity between the two languages. […]

Do Indonesian Learn Local Language at School? And How They Do It?

Indonesia is the largest archipelago state in the world. Each region in Indonesia have their own culture and tradition. This culture includes local language. There are more than 700 languages spoken in Indonesia. This number does not include extinct languages or languages that are not spoken by the people anymore. Although Indonesia has one national […]

Why do Indonesian (people) Refer to Indonesian (language) as Bahasa Which Literally Means “Language” in English?

There is misunderstanding among Bahasa Indonesia learner on calling Bahasa Indonesia. Many foreigners, even Indonesians themselves, are referring Bahasa Indonesia as simply Bahasa. But, there are some people refer it as Indonesian. So, which one is the correct one? We will discuss it in the following part. Quotes from First President of Indonesia Teaching Indonesian […]

Indonesian Language Abbreviations – Examples and Meaning

Hi! Welcome back! As you may found, abbreviation makes communication become easier and efficient. However, you should understand about the abbreviation form of a word. Therefore, we will learn about Indonesian Language Abbreviations because it is very common to be found in the daily life. Some of it might be considered as formal abbreviation, but […]

Contrastive Analysis Between English and Indonesian Language

Selamat Pagi! As you know, language is a a unique product of culture. On the other hand, contrastive analysis is a way of contrasting and comparing two languages, which means we try to find not only the differences, but also the similarities between both languages. You have learned Indonesian to English Grammar. However, comparison between […]

Indonesian Homophone – Understanding – Example

Welcome back! You have learned Indonesian to English Grammar as well as about Giving Directions in Indonesian and many more. What else do we need to learn? I tell you, there’s plenty. But, this time let’s focus to more specific linguistics lesson, which is about Indonesian Homophone. What is homophone? Homo means ‘same’ and phone […]

Learn Indonesian Phonetics – Theory – Examples

Hi! Welcome back! Ready for new lesson? After you have learned another basic Indonesian linguistics comprehension in Indonesian Phonemes, this time we will visit another part of phonology, which is about Indonesian Phonetics. As you know, unlike animals or plants, humans were given a different speaking anatomy as well as innate language device that made […]

Indonesian Phonemes – Types – Formula – Example

Welcome back to Mastering Bahasa! Ready for new lesson? Of course, you are. After learning that there is significant difference between Indonesian Alphabets and its phonemes, let’s move to another level. In case you forget, I’ll remind you a little. Phonemes is part of phonology, which is about speech sound/language sound, while alphabets is the […]