How to Use Word ‘Selamat’ in Indonesian – Structure and Vocabulary

When you visit other country, it will be good if you can be friendly with the local people. Many Indonesian people can speak English, but it will make them happy if you use Indonesian language when talking to them. One of the most important words that you should know is greetings. It will be good […]

A-Z Indonesian Words You Should Know for Traveling in Bali

Bali is considered the most popular tourist destination in Indonesia. The city is located in Bali island, surrounded by beautiful beaches and also even has mountain. This makes the city has many attractive tourist spot and has a nice and cool beaches. Bali is very popular locally and internationally. You will find many natural beauties, […]

A-Z Most Common Indonesian Words You Need to Add in Your Dictionary

For foreigners that want to learn Indonesian language, you can start by learning several important and common words that you can use when going to Indonesia. Here, we will give you list of most common Indonesian words. English Indonesian about tentang act tindakan after setelah air udara always selalu and dan answer jawaban area daerah […]

A-Z Important Words and Phrases in Indonesian You Should Learn

For foreigners that want to learn Indonesian language, you can start by learning several important and phrases that you can use when going to Indonesia. Here, we will give you list of important words and phrases in Indonesian that maybe helpful for you. Indonesian Greetings Selamat Pagi: Good morning Selamat Siang: Good afternoon Selamat sore: […]

What Are The Reasons Non-Indonesians Have A Hard Time Pronouncing Indonesian Words?

In this globalization era, learning new language is one of the important things. Learning the new language is not only for having the new language for the mind, but also for speaking it at the place where the language is spoken. It must be difficult for the first learner to learn the new language. The […]

What Does Wkwkwk Mean in Indonesian?

Indonesian people really have unique language. Their formal and informal language that used in daily conversations can be very different. As a result, for foreigner that learn about formal Indonesian language, it will be quite difficult to understand Indonesian daily conversations or their chatting style. Talking about chatting style, nowadays we can see lots of […]

What Does The Word “Telmi” Means in Indonesian?

Since many years ago, as the television and radio became popular in Indonesia, more people all over Indonesia started to use Bahasa Indonesia, especially the slang and other unique words. During around 2000, many new words became popular in Indonesia. Some of the words still popular until now. One of the popular words at that […]

Do Indonesian Words Have Stresses? In Which Syllable of Indonesian Words Can be Found?

World language must have the rule of the requirements of having the words or sentences. People who talk must contain the word or the word can be combined as a sentence. Indonesian language as one of the world language to be spoken in Indonesia also contains words and sentences and how they speak among Indonesian […]

What Is The Difference in Meaning between the Indonesian Words “Berbicara”, “Bicara and “Bertutur”?

Hello there good looking and awesome pupils, are you ready to learn about Bahasa Indonesia today? Pay attention please, as you might want to focus on our next subject about the Indonesian language that related more about terms, grammatical and also Indonesian vocabulary. All of it seems overwhelming at first, and really annoying to learn […]

What Does It Mean to Indonesian “Amit-Amit”? Clear Examples

Hello astonishingly good looking learners and awesome pupils, are you ready to start our lesson today on Bahasa Indonesia? Well, today in our Indonesian language course you are going to learn about the modern slang words, the usage, the meanings like What does it mean to Indonesian “Amit-amit”? So, prepare on your millennial dictionary and […]