How to Say Happy Fasting in Indonesian – Wishes – Meaning

Most of Indonesian people are Muslim. Once a year in Lunar Calendar, they have to do fasting. In this article, we will discuss about how Indonesian people usually say “Happy Fasting”. This expression is used to the Muslim between friends, family, or in public places and several ads. Happy Fasting Meaning in Indonesian If the […]

Friendly Greeting in Indonesian – Phrases – Meaning – Gestures

Today, we will learn another greeting that is important to know, it is the friendly greeting in Indonesian. However, before we learn about how to say the friendly greeting in Indonesia. Are you ready to learn more about Bahasa Indonesia? Will, you excited on how to say the friendly greeting in Indonesian? Last days, you […]

Formal Greeting in Indonesian – Phrases – Gestures – Etiquette

Hi there, have you been traveled to Indonesia? If it is yes,  how are Indonesian’s peoples look like? Many visitors from any country said that Indonesian’s peoples are very humble. They do not hesitate to help the travelers that get lost. The last lesson, we have already talked about the list of cities in Indonesian, greet people […]

Informal Greeting in Indonesian Language – Phrase – Gesture – Slang Words

Hello there, come back again to learn more about Bahasa Indonesia. Are you ready to learn more about Bahasa Indonesia? Okay, but before we learn something today, let’s review what we did at last. Last days, we already learn about greet people in Indonesia, good morning greetings in Indonesia even Indonesian greeting customs. So today, we will […]

How to Say Night in Indonesian – Phrase – Definition – Examples

Language is the key of communication. Language is important, because it is needed for the interaction between one to another person. Without language, people won’t understand each other. There are many languages in this world. Many people from all around the world have the interest in learning the other countries’ language. Learn the other languages […]

How to Greet People in Indonesia – Gesture and Culture

Selamat datang! When you having a conversation, you want to have a good impression right? One of the key factor is about greeting. Therefore, let’s learn the proper way of how to greet people in Indonesia! It is not as simple as Good Morning Greetings only, but also includes Sacred Communication Etiquette in Indonesia. Yes, […]

Indonesian Greeting Customs – Language – Culture

One of the hardest things about learning a language is that you have to learn about the customs. Like it or not, language somehow intertwines with customs, traditions, and culture including greeting customs. Greeting is something common in Indonesia. It is part of polite act which everyone conducts every day. Indonesian Greeting Customs People from […]

5 Indonesian Greeting Etiquette and Manners

In this article, you will learn more about Indonesian Greeting Etiquette. Greeting is a simple thing. If you meet someone then you will greet him/her. It is a natural things to do. But, greeting can become complex. Since every culture has their uniqueness, then you should know how to say your greeting in that particular […]