Indonesian Verb Prefixes – Formula – Examples

Learning Indonesian grammar rules is important, but it is also in another level. One most difficult topic in learning Indonesian is the prefixes. Most Indonesian words are compounded from the combination of prefix and root words. In this post we are going to explain about prefixes with verbs. Indonesian Prefix Me- Verb root words Me- […]

Indonesian Prefix ‘Per-‘ (Formula and Examples)

Selamat datang! Welcome back! Welcome to another lesson about Indonesian Prefixes. After learning about the prefixes, such as me- Prefix and Indonesian Prefix Ber- , it is time to move to another one, Indonesian Prefix Per-. Let’s learn about its function and how to use it in Bahasa Indonesia. Before we move, please check these articles […]

7 Indonesian Prefixes and Suffixes – Formula – Examples

After you learn about Indonesian Suffixes, it is time to move to another Indonesian affix, which is the combination of prefix and suffix. There are two type of the combination. First, konfiks [kon’fix]. It is a term that refers to inseparable combined Indonesian prefixes and suffixes that attached to a single grammatically-correct word at the […]

7 Types of Indonesian Prefixes – Formula – Examples

Hello. Selamat datang! Learning second or third languages means understand the specific systems of those languages and get familiar with it. It demands knowledge as well as practice at the same time. Therefore, tenses in English or grammatical gender in certain European language are the really difficult for non-native speaker. In Bahasa Indonesia, probably the […]

Indonesian Prefix di- (Formula and Example)

Prefix plays important role in Bahasa Indonesia as it forms most of the words. Indonesian root words are mostly combined with prefix to create different meaning. Some people think that the use of prefix, suffix, and infix can be quite tricky. However, if you have better understanding of the words, there should be no problem. […]

Indonesian Prefix ter- (Formula and Examples)

Many Indonesian words are combination of root words and prefix to create a completely new meaning. There are numbers of prefix used in Bahasa Indonesia including prefix ter-. It can be combined with verbs, adjectives, and sometimes nouns to create a new word. Even though Indonesian ter- is considered as prefix, but not all words starting […]

Learn Indonesian me- Prefix (Formula and Examples)

Bahasa Indonesia uses prefix, affix, and infixes to form verbs. It is used in nouns, numbers, and even verbs to create new meaning. Prefix me- is mostly used to form active verbs. Indonesian me- Prefix Formula The use of prefix me- may make minor changes to the spelling or infliction to create smooth pronunciation transition. […]

Indonesian Prefix Pe- (Formula and Examples)

Indonesian words are mostly formed with combination of root words, prefix, suffix, affix, and infix. The addition of prefix to root word may create a new word with different meaning. Indonesian Prefix Pe- In this post we are going to discuss about the use of prefix pe-. Also learn more about Indonesian root words before […]

Prefix “Se-“ in Indonesian – Formula – Examples

Welcome back to MasteringBahasa! Selamat Datang Kembali di MasteringBahasa! As you learn more Indonesian, you will find out that most words in Indonesian sentences don’t exist just as their root words, instead they have a set of letters attached in the beginning (prefix) or ending (suffix) of those words to make them sound more ‘complete’ and […]

Learn Indonesian (me-) Prefix with Experts

Every word have their own meaning, what if we added some prefix into it? will it change? here is the answer. In Indonesia there is a lot of prefix that we can add to the words, but the most common prefix that we will see is Indonesian me– prefix. First of all we have to […]