Wisest Quotes about Indonesian Nature – Deep Meaning

Nature is arguably a thing that has become one with human life in general. On the other hand, nature and human life are interrelated and interdependent, among others. We humans definitely need nature to survive. All the things that we make, more or less come from the natural source of use. Nature that must be […]

15 Indonesian Quotes about Culture and Its Deep Meaning

Hello everyone! This time, I am going to give you some quotes about culture. You can use the quotes below to learn more about Indonesian culture, also to improve your Indonesian language. Before you get down to the quotes, here are some articles recommended for you. Quotes About Indonesian Food Conversations about Indonesian Culture Indonesian […]

22 Quotes About Indonesian Food (Menu and Culture)

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Quotes from Indonesia First President That Will Change The Way You Think

Hello all? How are you today? Hopefully, your days are always pleasant as usual Have you all imagined what it’s like to be someone famous? Being known and admired by many people is definitely the dream of most Indonesians. But to become a famous and admired person there are so many kinds, ranging from artists, […]

A-Z Indonesian Inspirational Quotes about Life with English Translation

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20 Popular Indonesian Inspirational Quotes with English Translation

Welcome! Beside daily life communication, language also has strong influence to motivate people. You have learned about Indonesian Pantun and Coversation about Indonesian Culture. Now, let’s know some of most popular Indonesian Inspirational Quotes. It took from film, literature as well as Indonesian public figure. Some of it consists Indonesian Idioms and Proverbs, so you […]

20 Indonesian Quotes with English Translation

Reading is one great way to enrich vocabulary. Though reading, you can open the gate of knowledge and learn the language at the same time. Well, reading in this term does not necessarily to be a book reading. It can be articles, news, or even quote reading. Speaking of quotes, there are numbers of Indonesian […]

120 Indonesian Romantic Quotes to Express – Meaning

Good thing you are here. Sometimes learning a language can be quite boring but you can ignite the spirit back through inspirational and romantic quotes. Indonesians mostly use romantic quote when they are about to ask someone for a date. In Bahasa Indonesia, it is known as ‘gombal’. Indonesian Romantic Quotes Gombal is an Indonesian […]

100 Quotes from Indonesian Presidents about Life

Young people should always have big dreams and passion. But the journey does not always as smooth as it ought to be. While you are retrieving your dreams and learning bahasa Indonesia, burn your spirit with these quotes from former and present Indonesian presidents. 1. Soekarno   Gantungkanlah Cita-citamu setinggi langit! Bermimpilah setinggi langit. Jika […]