“Yuk!” Meaning in Bahasa Indonesia – Complete Examples

Hello, how are you today? Hope you have a great day ! This time we are going to learn new topic about Bahasa Indonesia terms that used in daily conversation. The term that we are going to learn is about expressing persuasive sentence. We are usually used this persuasive sentences unrealizingly. As we know in […]

A-Z Words to Get You Anywhere in Indonesian – Meaning

Welcome back! Selamat Datang Kembali!  After learning about Indonesian Formal Language as well as How to Greet People in Indonesian, now let’s learn about Words to Get You Anywhere in Indonesian. Take a look at the lists! Read also: Useful Words to Get You Anywhere in Indonesia and Indonesian Essential Phrases Indonesian Noun Here are all […]

Indonesian Subject Verb Object – Grammatical Structure

The problem when learning a language is not about memorizing vocabulary or perfect pronunciation, but many people fail in understanding the grammar. That being said that grammar is the bone of a language which makes it understandable. Speaking of Indonesian grammar, one of the most important aspects to learn is sentence structure. In general, Indonesian […]

Indonesian Transitive Verbs – Formula – Examples

In Bahasa Indonesia, verbs are divided into several classes such as root verb, affixes verb, active and passive verb. Each of the classes has its own function and used for different purposes. According to the present of the object, verbs are divided into two kinds which are transitive and intransitive verb. Similar to English, transitive […]

100+ Indonesian Intransitive Verbs – Formula – Meaning

Similar to English, verbs or ‘kata kerja’ in bahasa Indonesia is also divided in two which are transitive and intransitive verbs. I am sure that you are already familiar with this type of verb. In bahasa Indonesia, intransitive verb refers to the doer of the action. To put in simple, intransitive verbs signifies someone’s action. […]

Indonesian to English Grammar – Formula – Exercise

Hello! Selamat datang! One of the key in learning second language is understand its grammar. Sometimes, learning certain language grammar is very difficult because it has huge difference with our mother-tongue. Beside that, we also deal with socio-cultural aspect that implied in the language. In fact, that condition also happened between Bahasa Indonesia and English. […]

100 Most Common Indonesian Verbs – Grammar and Examples

Understand common vocabulary as much as you can is one key to survive in another country. Therefore, having wide lexical resources is a must in learning new language. After exploring Indonesian Nouns and Indonesian Adjectives, let’s learn again about another Indonesian Part of Speech. This time we will learn about other 100 Lists of Indonesian Common […]

Indonesian Verbs to Have – Formula – Example

The verb to have is widely used both in English and Indonesia. It is an important verb which serves as auxiliary verb and main verb. As auxiliary verb, verb to have indicates past tense or action in the past while as main verb it indicates possession. In Indonesia, the Indonesian Verbs to Have has two […]

Indonesian Causative – Structures – Examples

As we use our language in our daily life we will always use a lot of words. One of those kind of word is causative word. Not only in English language, we also use causative word in Indonesia language. Causative word is called as a verb, as in the word we found “cause” that mean […]