“ke-…-an” Circumfix Functioning as Verb in Indonesian Language – Formula and Examples

Circumfix, or also called ambifix is an affix that has two parts. One part is placed in the start of the word, while the other part is at the end of the word. In English, circumfix is not a common thing. However, circumfix is very common in other language, such as Georgian, Malay, and also […]

-i Suffix in Indonesian – Vocabularies and Sentence Example

They are a lot of topics when we learn Bahasa Indonesia such as Indonesian slang,Indonesian idiom, and Indonesian greeting. However when an individual learns Bahasa Indonesia, they have to learn vocabulary first which is the basic rule of learning Bahasa Indonesia. During learning the vocabulary, it will be found some word that has affiliation with […]

Me-kan Verbs Indonesian – Formula – Examples

The use of affixes in Bahasa Indonesia may be the most confusing part. The addition of affixes changes partial or entire meaning of root words. This can be quite confusing for those who do not completely understand the basic concepts. Another problem with Indonesian affixes is there are several types of prefixes, suffix, infixes, and […]

Indonesian Suffix –kah (Formula, Meaning, and Examples)

If you are learning Indonesian for quite some time, you should familiar with the use of prefix, suffix, and infix. Adding affixes is a way to form Indonesian words. There are many forms of affixes and one of the common forms is Indonesian Suffix –kah. The Indonesian Suffix –kah is also known as particle which […]

Indonesian Suffix -lah (Theory – Formula – Example)

Selamat datang! Welcome back! After learning about Forming Indonesian Words Using Indonesian Affixes, this time we will get deeper to one specific suffix, which is Indonesian suffix ‘-lah’. You might hear this suffix in many of Indonesian people oral conversation. But, do you really understand how to use it? Therefore, right know let’s get more […]

6 Types of Indonesian Suffix -an (Formula and Example)

Welcome back to another lesson about Bahasa Indonesia. As you know, Forming Indonesian Words using Indinesian Affixes are very critical in terms of learning Bahasa Indonesia. You have known, there are several types of affixes that form new words and meaning in Bahasa Indonesia. However, this time, we will focus with one of them, which […]

7 Indonesian Prefixes and Suffixes – Formula – Examples

After you learn about Indonesian Suffixes, it is time to move to another Indonesian affix, which is the combination of prefix and suffix. There are two type of the combination. First, konfiks [kon’fix]. It is a term that refers to inseparable combined Indonesian prefixes and suffixes that attached to a single grammatically-correct word at the […]

9 Types of Indonesian Suffixes – Formula – Examples

In Forming Indonesian Words using Indonesian affixes, understand about affixes is a must. After exploring about Indonesian Prefixes, it is the time to move to another affix, which is suffix. At this opportunity, we will learn about 9 Indonesian suffixes. Suffix is a dependent morpheme or a set of letter attached at the end of a word. […]