Example of Conversation with Taxi Driver in Bali and The Explanation

When you are having a vacation in Bali, there is a high chance that you will have to use taxi as a transportation service. Well, sometimes, you will have to be in a taxi for a while before you get to the destination you want. So, it would be awkward if you spend all the […]

Learn Indonesian Language Worksheets for Beginner

So, you have learned about Indonesian grammar and Indonesian popular phrases, but how do you know that your comprehension in language is getting better? Yes, there is one way to measure how much you understand Bahasa Indonesia is through worksheets. Here we create Indonesian Language Worksheets to help increase your comprehension. About Indonesian worksheets Indonesian […]

Indonesian Language Examples for Beginner

Learning Indonesian language is not enough if you only learn Indonesian pronunciation of basic words and Indonesian vocabulary. The most important thing when learning the language is to be able to apply what you have learned into conversation and writing. In general, Indonesian language examples are divided into two types which are conversational and written […]