How to Say Expensive in Indonesian and Clear Examples

Indonesia becomes the country which has 34 provinces with their unique and unforgettable cultures and variant languages. The languages from all provinces are also the assimilation from other languages of other countries. As Indonesia becomes the country of variant languages, it has the official language named Indonesian language or it is called Bahasa. Indonesian language […]

Most Commonly Used Indonesian Words – Formal and Informal and Slang Words

Indonesia is the famous country by its many provinces. With more than 17.000 islands, Indonesia also has different languages from its different provinces. The amount of languages of Indonesia’s provinces makes Indonesia needs to decide one language to unite those languages. The language is named Indonesian language or people sometimes say it as Bahasa. The […]

A-Z Most Used Indonesian Daily Words You Should Remember

Indonesia is famous by its diversity and its variant language to be spoken in different regions. The different language in different region make Indonesia decide to choose one language which is spoken all around the country. The language is called Indonesian or Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian language). The language must have lots of variant, one of […]

A-Z Cool Indonesian Words to Say and Express – Know The Meaning

People of Indonesian are united by their diversity and their different languages from different region or provinces. Indonesian language is the official language for all people of Indonesia. Indonesian language comes from different types of words and one of the type is the cool Indonesian words. These cool words can be taken from its beauty […]

What Are Some “Not Famous” Indonesian Words That Have a Good or Cool Meaning?

We’re back with vocabularies lesson! In this post, we will talk about the beauty of vocabularies in Indonesian. You probably have never heard or even used these words below, but you may want to start using it after knowing the meaning behind them. These words are pretty especially if you are into poems. Here are […]

What Does It Mean to Indonesian “Amit-Amit”? Clear Examples

Hello astonishingly good looking learners and awesome pupils, are you ready to start our lesson today on Bahasa Indonesia? Well, today in our Indonesian language course you are going to learn about the modern slang words, the usage, the meanings like What does it mean to Indonesian “Amit-amit”? So, prepare on your millennial dictionary and […]

Bisa Meaning in Indonesia – Clear Examples

Every language must have their rich words to know and to be spoken. The rich of language is not only from the history of the language but also the usage of words. Even one word can have some meanings in a language. When a person speaks a word in different situation or context, the meaning […]

Ways to Make An Indonesian Angry – Indonesian language Rules

Words and language is a powerful tool. You can make change and differences by only using speeches and through conversations. However, you can also make a person angry just because of your words or language. In this article, we will discuss about ways to make an Indonesian angry in Indonesian language. Several Words That You […]

“ke-…-an” Circumfix Functioning as Verb in Indonesian Language – Formula and Examples

Circumfix, or also called ambifix is an affix that has two parts. One part is placed in the start of the word, while the other part is at the end of the word. In English, circumfix is not a common thing. However, circumfix is very common in other language, such as Georgian, Malay, and also […]

What is Lebay Means in Bahasa Indonesia?

Hello there ! Hope you have wonderful day. Before i start to explain from the main topic that we will discuss for this edition, i would like to ask you first. Have you ever read or heard Indonesian people says “lebay”? For the example you could fine the word “lebay” on this sentence “Ah kamu […]