What is Lebay Means in Bahasa Indonesia?

Hello there ! Hope you have wonderful day. Before i start to explain from the main topic that we will discuss for this edition, i would like to ask you first. Have you ever read or heard Indonesian people says “lebay”? For the example you could fine the word “lebay” on this sentence “Ah kamu […]

How to Bargaining in Indonesian Language – Phrase – Example

Hi everyone! I hope you all doing well. Today we’re going to learn one important skills in Indonesian daily life, which is how to bargaining in Indonesian language. Shopping is fun activity to do in Indonesia. Especially if we find that the prices is good for our pocket. But, we have to know how to […]

How Do You Say Hello in Balinese – Phrase – Definition

Indonesia is quite famous for the friendly people. Most of foreigner that came to Indonesia agree that Indonesian people are very hospitable. Not only they love to smile, Indonesian people also loves to greet people, even stranger, because it is the culture. When people meet on the street, they usually greet each other with smile […]

How to Say “I Don’t Speak Indonesian” in Indonesian – Examples – Phrase

I’m sure you already know several useful Indonesian phrases. However, if you still have difficulty in understanding Indonesian, you still have to say it and use the international language. If you are not confident enough yet, you can say that you don’t speak Indonesian and that is okay. Learn from explanation below to know how […]

How to Say I’m Vegetarian in Indonesian Language and Conversation

Indonesia is a place where there are various types of delicious traditional food. There are traditional snacks, various types of rice, and side dishes. However, some of us might be a vegetarian. If someone asks you to eat in Indonesia, you have to say that you are a vegetarian. You can learn several English and […]

Learn about Numbers in Javanese – Vocabularies and Examples

There are a lot of topics when we learn a new language. One of the crucial thing that we have to learn is numbering. In learning English, numbering is taught before the children get to learn in school. In this case, the parents or caregiver take a role. What about learning another language? It applies […]

Learn Javanese Alphabet – Script and Latin Writing Complete with Examples

Java tribe is one of ethnic groups in Indonesia. It is categorized as one of big ethnic groups in Indonesia. Java tribe has rich culture. One of the culture that attracts some people is the language. Every provinces in Java has their own dialect. Moreover, Javanese people has their way on how to address people in […]

500+ List of Indonesian Words – Meaning – Examples

Hey, everyone. As you know, mastering as much lexical resources as you can is an obligation when you learned about certain languages. Therefore, this time, we will broaden our knowledge about 500+ List of Indonesian words. The words will be divided into its class word. To refresh your brain, please check also Indonesian Part of […]

Indonesian Language Phrase Book – Meaning – Examples

Selamat datang! To survive in another language, at least you must understand several common phrases or short pithy expression. Moreover, as part of phrase, you should also learn about popular idiomatic expression, its literal meaning and its actual meaning. So, let’s broaden your vocabulary with this mini Indonesian Language Phrase Book. Here take a look. […]

3 Types of Indonesian Verb Phrase with Examples

As stated in many other articles, to form a sentence you should put at least two components which are subject and verb. In Indonesian, the two main components are Subjek and Predikat. This predikat is consisted by Indonesian verbs. So it is basically the same. Predikat could be formed by a single verb, or a […]