How Many Languages Do Indonesians Speak?

Most of Indonesian people can speak more than one language. Most of them understand and can speak in Bahasa Indonesia, one of Indonesian local language based on their location, and even they also can speak English. To know more about how many languages do Indonesians speak, read the complete explanation below. A Brief History of […]

What Language Do Average Indonesian People Speak? Indonesian or Javanese?

Hello, respectable and good looking pupils. Are you ready to learn more about Indonesian language, culture, people and many more? If you are looking for a way to learn about Indonesian be its language or culture, then you have come to the right place. So, what will we learn today? Today we will learn about […]

How Do You Say Something Like “Get This” in Indonesian

Get this is an English phrase that sometimes we hear in daily conversation, especially in casual daily conversation. This phrases is mostly used by American English speakers. Read explanation below to know more about how to say get this in Indonesian language. What Does the Phrase “Get This” Means Maybe, several of you still don’t […]

For Foreign People, How Hard Is It to Learn Indonesian Language (Bahasa Indonesia) until Intermediate Level?

If you are foreign people and want to learn about the Indonesian language you might wonder how hard it is to learn it? Is it hard to master it, and how much we need to accomplish until we reach the intermediate level? For foreign people, how hard is it to learn Indonesian language (Bahasa Indonesia) […]

For A Non-Native Bahasa Speaker, Which One Is Easier to Learn: Bahasa Indonesia or Bahasa Malaysia?

For many non-native Bahasa speaker especially those who have very little experience in traveling to these regions, many will think that Bahasa Indonesia and Bahasa Malaysia sounds very similar. It is true that both languages come from similar roots, and some might say can find a mix of both languages in a certain region. Bahasa […]

How Often Do Indonesians Speak Indonesian? How Often Do They Speak Their Local Language?

As we all know, there are many languages spoken in Indonesia, despite of having the national language, Indonesian language. There are hundreds of local language in Indonesia. This local languages are already spoken by local people since long time ago. Even several elderly people can only speak local language. You might be curious about how […]

What Languages Are Closest to Indonesian Language Beside Malaysian Language?

As we all already know, Indonesian language are very similar with Malaysian language. Although the dialect and several of the words are different, Indonesian and Malaysian people can understand each other because of the similarity. Indonesian and Malaysian languages are both a form of modern Malay language. This explains the similarity between the two languages. […]

What Does Cabe Mean in Indonesia? Vocabulary – Examples

Hello there, welcome back to Mastering Bahasa Indonesia ! Every language in this world has its own uniqueness. So is in Bahasa Indonesia. The slang words, dirty words you name it, it grows and has more vocabularies from time to time. These slang words or dirty words usually came from the Indonesian people daily conversation. […]

Why do Indonesian (people) Refer to Indonesian (language) as Bahasa Which Literally Means “Language” in English?

There is misunderstanding among Bahasa Indonesia learner on calling Bahasa Indonesia. Many foreigners, even Indonesians themselves, are referring Bahasa Indonesia as simply Bahasa. But, there are some people refer it as Indonesian. So, which one is the correct one? We will discuss it in the following part. Quotes from First President of Indonesia Teaching Indonesian […]

Let’s Learn English and Indonesian Conversation at The Airport

Airport is certainly the first place in a country that you will visit. It is the first environment that you should adjust as a foreigner. You can find many facilities inside, it can be administration process, rest rooms, canteens, prayer places, and more. Let’s learn English and Indonesian conversation at the airport: Here are some vocabularies […]