Is English Widely Spoken in Bali? What Language Is Spoken in Bali?

Indonesia is not an English speaking country. Bahasa Indonesia is the official language and there are more than 700 local languages spoken by 300 more ethnic groups throughout the country. However, it does not mean that English is not taught in school. Indonesian students learn English since they are in primary school. Kindergartens nowadays even […]

What Are Some Fun Topics and Books for Learning Indonesian?

Practice makes perfect. Yes, we heard enough about this phrase since we were child. In learning foreign languages, there are four skills (reading, listening, writing, and speaking) that we need to master. After mastering grammar, you can surely demonstrate your ability in reading and writing. However, speaking is different thing. One needs daily practices in […]

What Language Do Average Indonesian People Speak? Indonesian or Javanese?

Hello, respectable and good looking pupils. Are you ready to learn more about Indonesian language, culture, people and many more? If you are looking for a way to learn about Indonesian be its language or culture, then you have come to the right place. So, what will we learn today? Today we will learn about […]

Why Do Indonesians Like to Write and Say Things in Broken English Amongst Fellow Indonesians? Why Not Just Use Indonesian?

Indonesian language and traditional Indonesian language are used widely in Indonesia. All of Indonesian people can understand Indonesian, so this language is used the most. However, sometimes we can hear people in Indonesia use broken English in their daily lives, especially in the big cities. We sometimes wonder why they use broken English instead of […]

Ways to Make An Indonesian Angry – Indonesian language Rules

Words and language is a powerful tool. You can make change and differences by only using speeches and through conversations. However, you can also make a person angry just because of your words or language. In this article, we will discuss about ways to make an Indonesian angry in Indonesian language. Several Words That You […]

How to Use “Adalah” in Bahasa Indonesia – Formula – Examples

Hello everyone ! Hope you have a good day. Before we are going to discuss the topic of this article i would like you to read and understand these example i’ve been written down, please pay attention to the words written with bold line: I am his daughter. (Aku adalah anak perempuannya.) This is my […]

“Yuk!” Meaning in Bahasa Indonesia – Complete Examples

Hello, how are you today? Hope you have a great day ! This time we are going to learn new topic about Bahasa Indonesia terms that used in daily conversation. The term that we are going to learn is about expressing persuasive sentence. We are usually used this persuasive sentences unrealizingly. As we know in […]

A-Z Sundanese Swear Words – Slang Words and Its Meaning

Hello there, welcome back to Mastering Bahasa Indonesia ! In daily conversation, swearing words present as a form of communication expression, even it is used to be classified as an impolite speech act. In Indonesia, involved in a conversation should pay attention with politeness. This politeness became very important when you were involved in a […]

What Do You Say When Someone Says Ramadan Mubarak in Indonesia?

In Indonesia, Ramadan is a very valuable moment. Most of Indonesian people are Muslim. Once a year in Lunar Calendar, they have to do fasting. They fast for a month, around 29 or 30 days. In this article, we will discuss about what do you say when someone says Ramadan Mubarak  in Indonesia. There are […]

Example of Conversation with Taxi Driver in Bali and The Explanation

When you are having a vacation in Bali, there is a high chance that you will have to use taxi as a transportation service. Well, sometimes, you will have to be in a taxi for a while before you get to the destination you want. So, it would be awkward if you spend all the […]