What Does It Mean to Indonesian “Amit-Amit”? Clear Examples

Hello astonishingly good looking learners and awesome pupils, are you ready to start our lesson today on Bahasa Indonesia? Well, today in our Indonesian language course you are going to learn about the modern slang words, the usage, the meanings like What does it mean to Indonesian “Amit-amit”? So, prepare on your millennial dictionary and […]

Ways to Make An Indonesian Angry – Indonesian language Rules

Words and language is a powerful tool. You can make change and differences by only using speeches and through conversations. However, you can also make a person angry just because of your words or language. In this article, we will discuss about ways to make an Indonesian angry in Indonesian language. Several Words That You […]

What is Lebay Means in Bahasa Indonesia?

Hello there ! Hope you have wonderful day. Before i start to explain from the main topic that we will discuss for this edition, i would like to ask you first. Have you ever read or heard Indonesian people says “lebay”? For the example you could fine the word “lebay” on this sentence “Ah kamu […]

What is The Meaning of Sange in Indonesia? Slang Word

One day when you’re conversing with Indonesians or joining an online conversation full of Indonesians people, you might encounter the word “Sange”. Sange is a slang word, and it is usually spoken more on internet chatrooms and social media than in a real-world conversation. What does it mean, anyway? If you’re curious about this word, […]

What Is The Indonesian Slang Words You Hate The Most?

Indonesian language is notorious for its numerous ever expanding slang words. It may even need a special dictionary to explain each of them. And it does not include slang words Indonesians use when chatting. Slangs in Indonesia vary from daily slangs (such as the meaning of word “lo”)to offensive expletives. Which ones would you hate the […]

“Lo” Meaning in Indonesian – Slang Word – Examples

If you’re visiting Indonesia and especially if you’re staying near the area of Jakarta, you’ll hear the word “lo” often. And if you look for the meaning in your dictionary, there’s a chance you won’t find the meaning of this word. Yes, “lo” is one of the slangs in Indonesian. Understanding slang means one of […]

A-Z Sundanese Swear Words – Slang Words and Its Meaning

Hello there, welcome back to Mastering Bahasa Indonesia ! In daily conversation, swearing words present as a form of communication expression, even it is used to be classified as an impolite speech act. In Indonesia, involved in a conversation should pay attention with politeness. This politeness became very important when you were involved in a […]

What Is the Meaning of Bego in Indonesia? Informal Language

Indonesian language has rich with its culture and different languages from each tribes. Despite its tribes, all different language from the tribes must have their features. Other than the formal and informal languages, Indonesian or the tribes’ languages must have the slang words or expressions which are usually used by the youth. The slang words […]