You in Bahasa Indonesia – Learn Pronoun and Examples

When you learn new language, including Bahasa Indonesia, it will be better for you if you have more knowledge on the vocabulary. The more words you know, you will be able to speak the language better. Here, we will discuss about new vocabulary, you in Bahasa Indonesia. This word is used a lot in Indonesian […]

How to Use Word ‘Selamat’ in Indonesian – Structure and Vocabulary

When you visit other country, it will be good if you can be friendly with the local people. Many Indonesian people can speak English, but it will make them happy if you use Indonesian language when talking to them. One of the most important words that you should know is greetings. It will be good […]

What Does Kuta Mean in Indonesian? Vocabulary and Tradition

If you are interested in Indonesia, you may ever heard about the word Kuta. To know more about the meaning of Kuta in Indonesian, read the complete explanation below. Kuta Mean in Indonesian If you ever heard the word Kuta, you may also remember Bali. Bali is a popular tourist destination in Indonesia. The island […]

How to Say Independence Day in Bahasa Indonesia

Indonesian Independence Day is nearing. We can see many people start to hang Indonesian flag and other decorations related to the celebration. How to say Independence Day in Indonesia? To know more about the answer, read the explanation below. How to Say Independence Day in Bahasa Indonesia Independence day can be defined as a special […]

How to Say “Cheap” in Indonesian and Clear Examples in Conversation

Indonesian is popular by its diversity of its variant tribes and 34 provinces. The different tribes and provinces have their own languages. In order to unite all the languages, Indonesia has its own official languages named Bahasa or it is called Indonesian language. Indonesian language has many types of words, phrases, and proverbs. Those types […]

How to Say Expensive in Indonesian and Clear Examples

Indonesia becomes the country which has 34 provinces with their unique and unforgettable cultures and variant languages. The languages from all provinces are also the assimilation from other languages of other countries. As Indonesia becomes the country of variant languages, it has the official language named Indonesian language or it is called Bahasa. Indonesian language […]

How to Say Home in Balinese and Examples

Having 34 provinces with their different tribes’ languages, Indonesia is famous by its diversity. Each tribes’ languages is united by one official language named Indonesian language. By having different provinces and their different languages, for the new visitors it is important to learn a little bit about them first. As same as if the new […]

Discovering How to Be Polite in Bali – What to Say and Not to Say

Indonesia is famous by its cultures and rules in different provinces it has. The cultures or rules in different provinces must give different perspectives and practice when people decide to visit this country. As the tourist, it is better to follow or practice the cultures procession and rules which are applied in the provinces or […]

Most Commonly Used Indonesian Words – Formal and Informal and Slang Words

Indonesia is the famous country by its many provinces. With more than 17.000 islands, Indonesia also has different languages from its different provinces. The amount of languages of Indonesia’s provinces makes Indonesia needs to decide one language to unite those languages. The language is named Indonesian language or people sometimes say it as Bahasa. The […]

Most Spoken Indonesian Words from Japanese and The Meaning

There are lots of histories related to Indonesia as the big country with its beautiful diversity. The history of the war and the conquest by some countries in the past make this country also adapt some words from those countries. One of the countries which Indonesia is adapted from its words is Japan. Indonesian language […]