What Is The Difference in Meaning between the Indonesian Words “Berbicara”, “Bicara and “Bertutur”?

Hello there good looking and awesome pupils, are you ready to learn about Bahasa Indonesia today? Pay attention please, as you might want to focus on our next subject about the Indonesian language that related more about terms, grammatical and also Indonesian vocabulary. All of it seems overwhelming at first, and really annoying to learn […]

How to Say Menu in Indonesian – Phrases – Examples

In this article, we will discuss mainly about how to say menu in Indonesian and several related things. There are many conversation in restaurant in this article that you can learn and try it yourselves. How to Say Menu in Indonesian When you enter a restaurant, the first thing you will search after getting a […]

How to Say Nice to Meet You in Bahasa (Easy Practice)

The sentence “nice to meet you” is usually one of the first sentence that students learn when learning English. Here, we will discuss about how to say nice to meet you in Bahasa. Usually we say it when meeting with people, especially with new people, in daily life and in a business meeting. We will […]

How to Say Are You Okay in Indonesian

Language is used for a better communication between one person to other people. It helps people to understand what the other means so that they can help each other. In communication, people are used to asking someone’s condition. In other words, you may ask about someone’s condition whenever you see the people that need help. […]

How to Say How Old Are You in Indonesian

Many people look younger than their real age. But, there are also many people that look older than their real age. The truth is, kids nowadays may look older than their real age because they can learn many things and also understand many things that are not suitable for their age. This can make many […]

Learn English and Indonesian Conversation at the Restaurants

As tourists, what we deem as important is including culinary needs. We primarily need food, but moreover, there are a lot of people who travel only for food! Indonesia is the most suitable place for you to do culinary tourism. We have different traditional food in each regions with different unique tastes that you will […]

Indonesian Language Examples for Beginner

Learning Indonesian language is not enough if you only learn Indonesian pronunciation of basic words and Indonesian vocabulary. The most important thing when learning the language is to be able to apply what you have learned into conversation and writing. In general, Indonesian language examples are divided into two types which are conversational and written […]