How to Say The Alphabet in Indonesian from A – Z with Complete Explanation

Hello guys! Welcome to Mastering Bahasa, the best way to learn Indonesian Language through online. You can learn Bahasa Indonesia easily here for free. Now I am going to show you how to say the alphabet in Indonesian. But before we continue to our main topic, let me tell the story of Indonesian Language first. Most […]

Indonesian Alphabet Pronunciation – Exercises

Hello. Selamat datang! Without a doubt, Indonesian Alphabets is one of the very first and basic thing to learn when we talked about Bahasa Indonesia. Although the formation of the alphabet has no different with English, there is a slight difference with the pronunciation (Check also Indonesian Words Pronunciation). This happened because Bahasa Indonesia has […]

123 Indonesian Words Starting with M – Alphabet – Meaning

Mmmmm…. Selamat Datang di! Welcome to! Were you mumbling before ? Or you just thinking ? Well, don’t think too much guys. Enjoy our time and learn Bahasa Indonesia again. We will learn about the easy stuff. Yes, in this time, we only shall increase our Indonesian vocabulary with the words that starting with […]

50 Indonesian Words that Start with Q (Alphabet)

Q, is the seventeenth letter of Alphabet in many languages, included both of English and Bahasa Indonesia. In English, there are many words that started with “Q”. The number of them can be more than a hundred.  Mostly, in English, the words with “Q” in the beginning is followed by “U”. Example of given are […]

130 Indonesian Words Starting With I – Alphabet – Meaning

Welcome back to Today, we are going to show you a list of words from letter ‘I’. Along with List of Indonesian Words Starting with D and Indonesian Reading Practice, this will help you learn Bahasa Indonesia quickly. Indonesian Words Starting with I Let’s see the words. Ia = (i-ya) = He / She Ialah = (i-ya-lah) […]

120 List of Indonesian Words Starting with D Alphabet

Welcome back to Everyday we are giving you a new article, which has new material for learning Bahasa Indonesia. Previously we were giving you a lot of words from another letter. From Indonesian Words Starting with S to Indonesian Words that Start from ‘C’. Indonesian Words Starting with D Alphabet This time, we give you a list […]

100 List of Indonesian Words that Start with ‘E’

Welcome back to This is the right place for you to learn Bahasa Indonesia with easy and fun. As we know, Indonesian Language or Bahasa Indonesia has many various of words in almost alphabet latin (From A to Z), which is contain in Indonesia Dictionary, or Kamus Besar Bahasa Indonesia. To start learn Bahasa […]