How to Say Split the Bill in Indonesian Language – Phrase – Example

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When you hang out with your friends in café or restaurant, sometimes you and your friend order each own favourite dish. If you are kind or maybe it’s your birthday, you can said to the waitress that “the bills on me.” But how if you and your friends decide to pay your own bills so each people can responsible for their own order.

In bahasa Indonesia, payment by split the bill’s method may vary depends on the places. If you eat in the street food stall that has no cashier machine, you can easily ask for split the bills by saying several phrases below:

Basic Split The Bill Terms for Street Food Stall

  • Bayar Terpisah. (Split the Bill.)
  • Bayar Sendiri-Sendiri. (We Pay Our Own Bill.)
  • Bayar Masing-Masing, ya. (Split the Bill, Please.)

If you are eating in the street food stall, it doesn’t matter if you ask to split the bill after you eat and comes to payment. But in some restaurant, especially who have cashier machine for the payment, you have to ask to split the bill before you order the menu. This is because they have to input the order separately on the cashier machine.

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Some restaurant may not be available for split the bill if you come with large group of people. It is better to ask them before you order. Below are examples of phrases that can be used to ask whether the restaurant is available to split the bill or not:

Basic Questions for Split The Bills Availability

  • Apakah Bisa Dipisah Pembayarannya? ( Can You Split The Bill?)
  • Bisa Bayar Masing-Masing? (Can We Pay Separately?)
  • Satu Meja, Bayar Terpisah, Bisa? (One Table, Split The Bill, Can You?)

Bahasa Indonesia always value politeness in conversation especially when asking to do something. If asking to split the bill, add word “Tolong” (please) before ask to split the bills. Here are examples for asking to split the bill in a polite way:

How to Say Split the Bill in Indonesian Language – Asking to Split the Bills in a Polite Way

  • Tolong Dipisah Pembayarannya (Please Split The Bills)
  • Tolong Pembayarannya Dibuat Secara Terpisah (Please Make the Bills Separately)

If you are late to ask to split the bill and the payment is already charged in a single bill. All you can do is ask your friends to collect the money to pay their own menu. Or in other way, you can use cashless payment through your debit or credit card and your friend will pay to you later.

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Before you pay with your card, you have to ask whether they’re available for card transaction or not. Here are some phrases to ask for cashless payment availability: 

Questions for Cashless Payment Availability

  • Apakah Disini Terima Visa/MasterCard? (Do you accept Visa/Mastercard?)
  • Bisa Bayar Dengan Debit/Credit Card? (Is debit/credit card acceptable?)
  • Bisa Bayar Non Tunai? (Is Cashless Payment Acceptable?)

Please noted that not every restaurant and café accept cashless payment. Especially when you eat at street food stall. Mostly you will have no chance to pay cashless for street food. In case you already ask to split the bills but they keep give you single bill, you may complain this use several phrase below:

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Complain Phrases for Split The Bill

  • Maaf, Tadi Saya Minta Pembayaran Dipisah (Sorry, But I already asked to split the bill)
  • Tadi Saya Sudah Minta Untuk Bayar Masing-Masing (I just asked to pay for our own bill)
  • Tolong Pembayarannya jangan digabung (Please don’t charged in a single bill)

Asking to Split the bills in Indonesia is simple. The most important thing is you have to know whether you have to ask to split the bills before or after ordering the menu. If you eat at the street food stall, then asking for split the bills after finishing your meals is okay. But, if you eat at the restaurant or café, it will be better to ask first whether they available to split the bills or not.

So now you already know how to say split the bill in Indonesian language. You can also learn about Indonesian conversation at the Restaurants for more comprehensive.