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The Meaning of “Nih” in Indonesian – Slang Words and Abbreviation

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In Indonesia, you may hear the word “nih” a lot. If you are curious about the meaning of this word, you can read the explanation below.


Nih Meaning in Indonesian

Nih is an Indonesian informal word that used a lot in Indonesia. It doesn’t have specific meaning, because Indonesian people use it in different sentences with different meaning. However, in the dictionary, “nih” can be translated as “ini” or “this” in English.

It is believed that the word “nih” is really come from the word “ini”. In some sentences, the two words indeed have the same meaning. As Indonesian people really love to abbreviate words, they say “ini” as “nih” or “ni”.

There are many usage of the word “nih” in Indonesian. First, of course, you can say the word to replace “ini” or “this” in English. You can also use the words to emphasize something that you want to say. To be able to understand more, you can read about several examples on using nih in the last sub article.

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How to Pronounce Nih in Indonesian

Pronouncing “nih” in Indonesian is not really difficult. You can read all of the letter the same with the way it written. The “ni” in “nih” is pronounced the same with “ni” in “Nick”.

Some people can also say or write “nih” as only “ni” in informal Indonesian language. You can also pronounce it without the letter “h” become only “ni”. 

Several Examples on Using Nih in Indonesian Daily Conversation

To be able to understand more about the meaning of nih in Indonesian, you can read several examples on using nih in Indonesian daily conversation below:

  • Using nih in a question

A: Apa nih? (What is this?)

B: Ini nasi goreng? (This is fried rice)

A: Ada kabar apaan nih? (What’s the news?)

B: Tidak ada yang penting (nothing special)

In those question sentences, the word nih is used and has the same meaning with “this” in English. 

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  • Using “nih” to emphasize something that you want to say

You can also use nih to emphasize something that you want to say. On the below examples, the word nih has no specific meaning.

Maksudnya seperti ini nih (This is what I mean)

Kamarmu masih berantakan nih (Your room is still messy)

Rambutku sudah dipotong nih (I already cut my hair)

  • Using “nih” to show that you are slightly disappointed

You can also use the word “nih” to show that you are slightly disappointed:

A: Kita harus mengumpulkan tugas malam ini (We have to collect out homework this night)

B: Iya nih. Kita tidak punya banyak waktu lagi (Yeah. We don’t have much time left).

That’s the explanation on the meaning of Nih in Indonesian. I hope the information will be helpful for you. Thank you for reading.

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