Wedding Greetings in Indonesian Language – Meaning

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Indonesia Wedding Culture

When we learn Indonesian, it is very important for us to learn the culture and customs of Indonesian people. And one of the most important moments for Indonesian people is the wedding day. Marriage for the people of Indonesia is very sacred so it has been prepared in a long time and very tiring. The bridal couple will prepare everything perfectly, from food, clothing and invitations. Because every couple wished that their marriage once a lifetime. So the marriage to Indonesians is very touching.

Step by step of Indonesia Wedding

In general, Indonesian society is a religious society. This makes marriage generally take place in two places, namely the mosque or church and the reception area that has been determined by the host. In general, the invitation will be addressed to the bride’s house. Mosque or church is only a place of marriage ritual in Islam or Christian. At home the guests will be entertained with food, drinks and dangdut music. To then go up on stage to take pictures with both brides.

Before you go on stage, you will usually see a box. This is the box that will be used as a place to put your wedding greetings. The Indonesian wedding is very unique, where the guests will put some money in the envelope that has been written “Selamat Hari Pernikahan” or Happy Wedding Day. But if you do not prepare an envelope with some money. You can give something as a wedding gift. And by the host is usually provided a table beside the reception before you sit down.

Wedding Greetings in Indonesian Language

If a wedding invitation comes from a near friend similar to your brother or sister, you should come at the invitation for no reason. In general, written by invited guests is “Selamat Hari Pernikahan” or Happy Wedding Day but you have to write “Selamat Hari Pernikahan, Semoga Bahagia Sampai Tua” or Happy Wedding Day Hope You Will Be Happy Forever. Usually by both brides you will be asked to go on stage to sing along or take photos unofficially.

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  • For a friend is Selamat Hari Pernikahan (Happy Wedding) 
  • For a near friend is Selamat Hari Pernikahan Semoga Bahagia Sampai Tua (Happy Wedding, May you stay happy till you grow old together) 

Therefore, if you get an invitation, especially a wedding invitation from Indonesia, say I will come. Do not let not come, because the bride and the groom will be offended and angry. So you have to come and be happy for your friend. Because for Indonesians, friends are siblings. That’s the wedding greetings in Indonesian language.

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The Wedding Star

From the story above, we can draw conclusions when you get a wedding invitation. You not only have to say hello, but also you have to prepare something as a gift for the wedding day. Wedding gifts are not necessarily expensive but the most important thing is something that both partners will remember.

You will be considered a sibling by both brides, and both brides will be very happy and honored upon your arrival. You are a star when you come to Indonesian wedding because you are a foreign or Indonesian called it Bule. The Bride and the groom will remember that for all the rest of life. Okay that’s all i can tell you. See you in the next article.