How Are You in Indonesian – Conversation and Example

Welcome to Masteringbahasa where you can learn Indonesian like a pro! Now, we are going to learn about how to say how are you in Indonesia with complete explanation and meaning. How are you?  Apa kabar? (AH-pAh KAH-bar?) So, how are you is Apa kabar? (AH-pAh KAH-bar?) in Indonesian. You can use this both in […]

Learn How to Say ‘Yes’ in Indonesian with Examples

Selamat Datang Kembali di! Welcome back to Mastering Bahasa where you can learn Bahasa Indonesia like a pro! We will provide you all material till you can speak Indonesian fluently. Indeed, the next topic is how to say Yes in Indonesian. It can be so important to learn, the basic phrases in Indonesian that […]

Learn How to Say Good Evening in Indonesian with Examples

Good Evening ladies and gentlemen man! Get back here and relax to learn more about Indonesia or Bahasa Indonesia here with all ways to learn Basic Indonesian Language with The Experts Meanwhile, if it’s your first time coming to Indonesia, then you need to learn basic Indonesian phrases such how to say good morning, good afternoon, […]