A-Z Indonesian Slang Words in Internet Chatting – Like A Pro!

Slang is a very informal language that commonly used in the daily conversations. Almost every language have their own slang words, both spoken and written. They are sometimes hard to be learned by new learners of the language due to its ambiguities and its complete difference with the formal language. Especially when you learn Indonesian, […]

Let’s Learn English and Indonesian Conversation at The Airport

Airport is certainly the first place in a country that you will visit. It is the first environment that you should adjust as a foreigner. You can find many facilities inside, it can be administration process, rest rooms, canteens, prayer places, and more. Let’s learn English and Indonesian conversation at the airport: Here are some vocabularies […]

Learn English and Indonesian Conversation at the Restaurants

As tourists, what we deem as important is including culinary needs. We primarily need food, but moreover, there are a lot of people who travel only for food! Indonesia is the most suitable place for you to do culinary tourism. We have different traditional food in each regions with different unique tastes that you will […]

How to Say “Miss” in Indonesian – Vocabulary and Examples

There are various ways to address female and male in every languages. In English, Miss, Mrs., Ms., and Mr. are used as a sign of respect, both spoken and written before full name or surname. In places where English is used as the primary language, using the wrong title can cause offense. Therefore, it’s very […]

How to Say No in Indonesian – Phrases and Examples

“Yes” or “No” have the similar usage in the expression of affirmative and negative. According to Wikipedia, in linguistics and grammar, affirmation and negation are the ways that grammar encode negative and positive polarity in verb phrases, clauses, or other utterances. Essentially an affirmative; (positive) form is used to express the validity or truth of […]

What is “Mas” in Indonesian Language? (Definition and Examples)

You’re probably confused because there are so many ways to address people in Indonesia because it’s pretty sensitive here. It’s going to be weird if we don’t call way older people than us with the correct title. It’s not like other languages that call people immediately by their names. Indonesian language embodies respect and hierarchical […]

What Is ‘Pak’ in Indonesian? (Definition and Examples)

Perhaps it’s very normal to call other people directly by their names in some foreign countries. You can call your mom by her name, you can call your dad by his name, and you can call your brothers and sisters by their names. But unfortunately, that is not applicable here, as it’s even seen as […]

What is “Mbak” Meaning in Indonesian Language? Learn It Here!

As a foreigner, perhaps you feel comfortable and used to call other people directly by their names. You can call your mom by her name, you can call your dad by his name, and you can call your brothers and sisters by their names. But you will rarely see that happening here in Indonesia. Eastern […]

How to Say Thank You in Balinese – Phrases and Examples

Indonesia is a country with thousands of islands. That’s why you will not only hear the Indonesian language when you go to this country. Whenever you move around across cities in each island, you might already find a whole different language and accent. In this article, we’re going to talk a part of Balinese language. […]

How to Ask ‘What Is Your Name’ in Indonesian – Introduction and Conversation

Communication can start with the familiarity of individuals speaking to each other. It feels easier to speak out when we know with whom you are talking to. That’s why identifying the person talking next to you is important. It’s the most common traditional way to start a conversation by asking names, to make sure we […]