How to Ask ‘What Is Your Name’ in Indonesian – Introduction and Conversation

Communication can start with the familiarity of individuals speaking to each other. It feels easier to speak out when we know with whom you are talking to. That’s why identifying the person talking next to you is important. It’s the most common traditional way to start a conversation by asking names, to make sure we […]

How to Say “My Name is” in Bahasa Indonesia – The Basic Introduction

Your early introduction can be the contrast between beginning an effective relationship and completing with a coincidental gathering. It is anything but difficult to establish a negative first connection on somebody, regularly without knowing you’ve done as such. It’s considerably harder to establish a positive connection, so you should put some exertion into your presentations. […]

10 Ways on How to Introduce Yourself in Indonesian

Learning Indonesian is not difficult as it seems. There are many factors why Indonesian is easy to be learned. For instance, unlike English, Indonesian is spoken as the same as the written form. Therefore, you don’t have to worry too much on having mispronounced words. Moreover, several expressions in use the exact same word such […]