Baper Meaning In Indonesian – Examples

Indonesian young people really like to combine two words into one popular Indonesian slang word. These days, it is quite hard for foreigners to keep up with the “new word” trend. This article will help and guide you to know the meaning of one of the new word. The word that will be discussed in this article is “baper”.

This word is used a lot in Indonesian daily conversation, mainly by younger people. Not only in conversation. Sometimes we can easily find this word in television or advertisements. On the following explanation, we will discussed about the meaning and why this word is very popular.

Baper Meaning in Indonesian

Baper has been used in Indonesian daily conversation a lot, so it has a broad meaning regarding the context of the sentences. Baper word is originated from two words that combined and abbreviated into one word. It consists of the words “bawa” and “perasaan”. If translated directly, bawa is “bring” in English, while perasaan is “feeling” in English.

In Indonesia, word baper is usually said to people that are too sensitive. People like this will develop their feelings and emotions too much because of something trivial. They tend to be really serious in responding something.

For example, in workplace. It is normal for people at workplace to be a little strict. People that too sensitive will be thinking too much about it and can feel really sad or hurt. Other example is people that cannot take joke. People that “baper” will take any joke seriously. Another common use of the word baper is when a girl or boy receiving normal kindness from other gender but he or she will be too sensitive and develop another feeling.

Sometimes, people use this word to justify inappropriate jokes or treatment to other people. This word should only be used when talking with close friends of friends with same age.

How To Pronounce The Word “Baper”

As you might already know, Indonesian words are pronounced as the way it written. You maybe a little confused with “e” because there are two ways to pronounce “e” in Indonesian. As for in the word baper, “ba” is pronounced as the way it written, similar with “ba” in “bar”. For “per”, it can be pronounced similar with “per” in “percent”.

Example of Word “Baper” Used in Daily Conversation

Below are several examples of using the word “baper” in Indonesian daily conversations:

  • Kalau kerja jangan baper dong, nanti repot.

Don’t be too sensitive in workplace, it will be troublesome for you.

  • Baperan banget sih, dia cuma berusaha sopan sama kamu.

You are too sensitive. He was just trying to be polite to you.

  • Aku jadi baper karena dia baik banget.

I developed my feeling toward him because he is really kind to me.

That’s all about baper meaning in Indonesian. Hope the information is clear and useful. Thank you for reading.