Bete Meaning in Indonesian – Vocabulary – Example

If you are in a conversation with young Indonesian people or accidentally listening their conversations, you may hear several words that are confusing. Most of young people use a lot of list of Indonesian slang words, especially in big cities such as Jakarta and Bandung. One of the most popular slang word is bete.

People use this a lof in conversation. Even older people also use this word at times. This word is very popular as Indonesians are very familiar with this word and it feels like a real Indonesian word. Read explanation below to know more about bete meaning in Indonesian.

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There are many versions about bete meaning. Bete or BT is abbreviation from two words. Below are several versions of what “BT” can be stands for:

  • Boring Today
  • Boring Time
  • Bad Tempered
  • Banyak Tekanan (too much pressure)
  • Bosan Total (totally bored)
  • Boring Total (totally bored)
  • Bad Mood

From all of those versions of bete meaning, we can conclude that bete word is used to express negative emotions related to our mood. If we look back, this word is popular since early 2000 in Indonesia. Since that time, people use this word to express negative emotions, conditions, of feelings such as bored, annoyed, angry, and so on.

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The word “bete” can also be written as “bt”. The pronunciation of this word is very simple. The “be” or “b” is pronounced similar with be in “belle”. The “te” or “t” is pronounced similar with te in “test”.

At first, based on the most trustworthy research, this word may come from the term “bad trip”. Bad trip is a term popular in western countries. The term means temporary unpleasant psychological changes caused by the use of psychoactive drugs. The changes can vary from a little or mild anxiety to profoundly disturbing state or the feel of identity loss. In short, this term is used to describe any negative mood consitions caused by psychoactive drugs, such as LSD (Lysergic acid diethylamide).  

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In Indonesia, the term bad trip is used and abbreviated as “bt”. Later on, this word is used to describe any kind negative mood condition, regardless the cause. For example, this word can be used to express sadness, madness, mild annoyance, bored, and so on. Below are several of its use in daily Indonesian conversation sentences. For convenience, the word “bete” is translated based on the context of the sentence.

  • Aku lagi bete (I am in a bad mood)
  • Hujan di pagi hari bikin bete (Rain pouring in the morning made my mood went down)
  • Aku bete banget sama guru galak itu (I’m very annoyed because of that grumpy teacher)
  • Aku bete karena gak bisa keluar rumah (I’m very bored because I cannot go outside of my house)

Thank you for reading this article about bete meaning in Indonesian. I hope the information will be helpful.