6 Sacred Communication Etiquette in Indonesia

Human is a social creature, so as a human being, we need other person to help us in many occasion. Living in country like Indonesia, which has many various culture, there are some etiquette that we must followed and understood, if we communicate to Indonesian people. How to Learn Bahasa Fast ? Here is some of Communication Etiquette in Indonesia:

1. Greeting

In Indonesia, we usually greet someone we met in anywhere. With greeting, it shows our respect to that person and bring a good impression for the person we met using Common Greetings In Indonesian for Beginner

Majority of Indonesian people are Moslem, so we can say ‘Assalamu alaikum‘, or just say ‘Hi‘ or ‘Hello‘ to the older person. And when the conversation ends, do not forget to say ‘Bye/Goodbye’ or ‘Wassalamualaikum’, if we want to leave. Learn more tips and ways on How to Talk with Indonesian here.

2. Focus on our Interlocutors

When we talk to other people, it is very important to focus with them. Do not doing something which is distracted him/her, because it makes you look rude and disrespect our partner. This is the process that we learn to be a good listener, and not always to be heard and a center of attention. We also must learn to pay attention to people who need that. Here is to learn more about Example of Conversation in Indonesian to know more about Communication Etiquette in Indonesia.

3. Knowing the Situation and Condition

You can speak anything what you want, but remember on the situation what we are. If we are in formal occasion, we should speak politely and formal. It shows our quality as a person who can put ourselves anywhere we are. The same thing also applied in informal situation, although there is no strict condition. Moreover, we also saw our partner. If he/she was in busy or being hurry, maybe we talk with her/him in the next time.

4. Be Friendly and Polite

Another thing which is important in communication with other people is our manner or attitude. People likes someone who is friendly and polite, but these manner will be great if it is came from our heart or sincere, and not looks like fake.

5. Keep the Intonation and Speech Speed

When we speak to other person, keep our voice not too loud, too fast, or too slow that makes our partner had a difficult to hear what we said. Furthermore, they will misunderstanding and misinterpretation about what we said.

6. Pay Attention to the Style of Writing and Punctuation

Sometimes, we communicate not with interface, but also with media. If we communicate with social media such as WhatsApp, Line, or Instagram, make sure that our style of writing is right on point. We do not want people think that we are angry at writing, or too friendly until ignoring the manner when we communicate with older person.

Other than that, we must be careful about the punctuation. Reduce the use of explanation point or uppercase if it is no need. Indeed. there is also special treat if you want to learn Indonesian Phrases for Travellers You Should Know

Beside of those point, we can doing a things like saying excuse me when we walk in front of the people; saying please when we need a help and thank you after getting some help; say sorry if we made a mistake; and etc. I hope this article will help you to communicate with other people, especially Indonesian and understand etiquette of communication in Indonesian, and get a lot of benefit from it.