How to Say Younger Sister in Indonesia – Examples – Vocabularies

Hello everyone ! How’s your day? I hope it was great For Indonesian people applying greeting etiquette is very important. This is as a representation your attitude when you had a conversation towards someone either they are older or younger than you. That is why before you start forward to learn Indonesian language, you will […]

100 Indonesian Insult Phrases – Examples and Meaning

All words and phrases in every languages if used in wrong time and wrong place are very possible to turn out as insults. Therefore, in Bahasa Indonesia too, you should understand the  Sacred Communication Etiquette and the Manners, beside mastering the Indonesian Grammar Rules. However, we also should know and understand about Indonesian Insult Phrase, so […]

Asking Questions in Indonesian – Formula – Examples

Indonesian people are known as one of the friendliest people in the world. Yes, most of Indonesian people like to talk. It is considered as a way to know each other and make friends. However, to have a fluent conversation, equal language knowledge is a must. As other languages in the world, one of the […]

7 Traditional Indonesian Greeting Etiquette to Follow

Greeting is a simple form of interaction between human. But it can be complex when tradition, customs, and tradition involve in shaping the greeting form. This makes greeting customs different country to another, including in Indonesia. When you are planning to visit or stay in Indonesia, learning the traditional Indonesian greeting etiquette is crucial, so, […]

5 Indonesian Greeting Etiquette and Manners

In this article, you will learn more about Indonesian Greeting Etiquette. Greeting is a simple thing. If you meet someone then you will greet him/her. It is a natural things to do. But, greeting can become complex. Since every culture has their uniqueness, then you should know how to say your greeting in that particular […]

6 Sacred Communication Etiquette in Indonesia

Human is a social creature, so as a human being, we need other person to help us in many occasion. Living in country like Indonesia, which has many various culture, there are some etiquette that we must followed and understood, if we communicate to Indonesian people. How to Learn Bahasa Fast ? Here is some of Communication […]