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Doang Meaning in Indonesia – Daily Informal Word

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Doang is one of Indonesian informal word that used a lot by Indonesian people. Usually people in big cities use this word more than people in rural area. To know more about doang meaning in Indonesia, read the complete explanation below.


Doang Meaning in Indonesia

Doang is an informal word in Indonesia. So, you have to be careful to not to use it in formal occasions. People sometimes also avoid using this word when talking with senior or old people. However, nowadays this word is used in almost every daily conversation in Indonesia.

In Indonesia, doang means “hanya” or “cuma”. If translated into English, it would be “only” or “just”.

However, the use of doang is a little bit different with hanya and cuma. While hanya and cuma is used after subject as a verb, doang is used at the end of the sentences. To know more about this, you can check the examples of using doang in Indonesian in the last sub article.

Sometimes, people also use the word cuma and doang in one sentence. People also sometimes write doang as “doank” as a cuter slang.

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How to Pronounce Doang in Indonesia

Pronouncing doang in Indonesian is not really difficult. However, the pronunciation is a little bit different with the way it written. Doang is not pronounced as do-ang.

“Do” in “doang” is pronounced similar with “do” in “don’t”. While the “ang” is pronounced as “wang”, but the w is not as bold as usual w. It is because the “ang” is preceded by a consonant. So, doang will be pronounced as “do-wang”.

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Examples of Using Doang in Indonesia

Below are several examples of using the word doang in Indonesian daily conversation. I will also give the sentences in other form (using hanya) to show the difference of using hanya and doang in Indonesia.

  • Aku cuma pengin makan doang.

Aku hanya ingin makan.

I just want to eat.

  • Hanya aku yang bisa datang rapat besok.

Aku doang yang bisa datang rapat besok.

I’m the only one who can come to the meeting tomorrow.

  • Aku punya uang Rp 1.000 doang.

Aku cuma punya uang Rp 1.000.

I only have 1,000 rupiahs.

  • Jangan diam doang dong.

Jangan hanya diam dong.

Please don’t be silent.

That’s all about doang meaning in Indonesia. I hope the information will be helpful. Thank you for reading.

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