Informal Greeting in Indonesian Language – Phrase – Gesture – Slang Words

Hello there, come back again to learn more about Bahasa Indonesia. Are you ready to learn more about Bahasa Indonesia? Okay, but before we learn something today, let’s review what we did at last. Last days, we already learn about greet people in Indonesiagood morning greetings in Indonesia even Indonesian greeting customs. So today, we will learn again about another greeting in Indonesia, how to say the informal greeting in Indonesia? and what is an informal greeting in Indonesia? Let’s take a look on the lists above about how to say the informal greeting in Indonesia.

1. Shake hands

It is the most favorite how to greet Indonesia’s people both formal and informal ways.  Shake hand is a symbol of friendship. Put a little smile while you greet someone and say Halo or Hai.  Say, pagi kawan (morning friends), or halo bro (hello brother) to greet your friends.

Shaking hands is not only for greeting, but it can also be used to show respect to the older people when you get an interview, introduction even meets with your family or relatives. However, shake hands has two meanings in Indonesia. While you greet your friends or co-worker it means berjabat tangan. However, while you meet the older people shake hands it means salim. The rule is the young people must do salim to respect the older people.

2. The vehicle horn

Press your vehicle horn twice quickly, sounds like tinn.. tinn.. and do it again tinn.. tinn.. It is another way to greet your friend’s informal ways. Then slide down the window, if you ride a car or get close in front of your friend, then greet your friend with Halo or Hai then you can ask; Mau kemana? (Where do you want to go?) you also can say, Bareng yuk, biar aku antar kamu (Let’s together, let me take you).

If your friend accepts it, he will say Oke or baiklah (means, okay or alright). However, if your friend doesn’t accept it, he will say Tidak perlu or tidak usah repot-repot. It means he rejects your offer.

3. Call your friend’s name

Call your friend’s name is the way how to greeting informal to your friends. If you have a friend that has same age with you just call her or his name, such as like these; Halo Ratna, hei Doni, even apa kabar Putri? These are how to greet them in informal ways.

However, you can greet them with their nickname, child’s name even their funny nickname; such as like this, Hei, apa kabar lo Putri tidur? (Hey, what’s up sleeping beauty?) You can greet your friend with this way if you really have a long friendship only. Do not say this, if you just meet him or her at the moment.

4. Say Assalamu’alaikum

Indonesia has various of many religion; Muslims, Christians, Catholics, Hindus, Buddhists also Confucian. However, the religion most widely embraced by Indonesians is Muslims. So, in here if you want to stay longer in Indonesia you must familiar with this greeting, Assalamu’alaikum.

This greeting is for greeting Muslim people, this word is from Arabic and basically used by Muslim to greet each other. If you are Muslim, the great way to greet them is to say Assalammu’alaikum pak or Assalammu’alaikum bu and do salim (another shake hands) if they are older people, if you meet young people just shake hands as usual (berjabat tangan). However, if you (man) meet a woman do not to shake her hands. It is prohibited in Islam. 

5. Hugs and kiss

Western countries do these to greet people, hugs and kiss. But, in Indonesia, this way is not acceptable. Hug and kiss can be done, if you (woman) kiss your cheek’s your friend (woman) and the married couple also allowed to do this.

However, you must remember do not do it too much, because it is prohibited and it is not polite. Just do kiss on your friend’s cheeks in Indonesia we call it cipika-cipiki, cium pipi kanan – cium pipi kiri (kisses right and left’s cheeks).

The examples informal greeting in Indonesian

  • Hei, Rudi gimana kabarnya? Ayo mampir ke rumahku. (Hey, Rudi how are you? Let’s go to my house.)
  • Tukang tidur, ayo semangat bentar lagi selesai. (Sleepyhead, come on after this it will be finished)
  • Kenalin namaku Putri, kamu? (My name is Putri, and you?)
  • Sore, Ria mau pergi kemana, nih? (Afternoon, Ria where you want to go?)

The examples above are how to say the informal greeting in Indonesian, first example; Hei, Rudi gimana kabarnya? Ayo mampir ke rumahku. This sentence means greet someone named with Rudi. Then, you ask how someone doing and you invite him to go to your house.

Tukang tidur, ayo semangat bentar lagi selesai. Tukang tidur  is a nickname of your friend that always sleepy, and you cheer him up with  ayo semangat bentar lagi selesai. While you want to introduce yourself in informal ways, kenalin namaku Putri, kamu? It means “My name is Putri, and you?” The word of kenalin is to show that you want to introduce yourself. You ride your vehicle and then you meet Ria, your friend.

Just greet her with sore, Ria mau pergi kemana, nih? Greet her and asking her how is she doing. Learn more about greetings on common greetings in Indonesian and also business greetings in Indonesia.

Hopefully, the above of informal greeting in Indonesian may help you how to say an informal greeting to your friends. So, let’s practice it and keep it up, do not give up to learn Bahasa. Try it over and over again, good luck.