Goodbye Phrases In Indonesian – Definition and Examples

Hello everyone, how are you? I hope you are doing well. In this opportunity, I would like to explain about one of the important thing in Indonesian conversation. It is the goodbye phrases in Indonesian.

You can learn Indonesian Letter Writing Phrases  to enrich your knowledge about Indonesian phrase.The opposite of greeting, goodbye is used for a farewell. If you want to say goodbye to someone in Indonesian language, there are a lot of ways to express it. Whether it is formal or informal, it depends on the situation.

Commonly, goodbye is translated as “selamat jalan” or “sampai jumpa” in Indonesian. Friendly Greeting in Indonesianwill help you to find out about Indonesian greeting. These words are commonly used to say goodbye or farewell to many people.

It is also used in a formal Indonesian language, that is usually taught by many Indonesian language teacher. Besides of the formal goodbye sentences, there is many of informal goodbye phrases in Indonesian. Here is the further information about goodbye phrases in Indonesian.

How to Pronounce Indonesian Goodbye Phrases

As explained above, formal goodbye phrases in Indonesian is one of the common goodbye phrase. I choose two phrases above to be explained about how to pronounce it in Indonesian.

The first one, selamat jalan is pronounced se-la-mat ja-lan.

The second one, sampai jumpa is pronounced sam-pai jum-pa.

These words have the same meaning as goodbye.

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Concept of Indonesian Goodbye Phrases

Now it is time to talk about the concept. You can say goodbye to end a conversation, and indicates that you are going to go anywhere. There are two ways to say goodbye in Indonesian. Those are informal and formal way. The first one, informal way is used when you are talking to someone close or have the same age with you (friend).

This informal goodbye is a word that is short, adapted from English (such as “bye”), or even a slang. While the second one, the formal goodbye phrase is used to end a conversation with some stranger and an older people (to show that we are polite, but you can use the informal  way instead if the elder has no problem with it).

Example of Goodbye Phrases

Here are some examples of goodbye phrases in Indonesian.

The Formal Goodbye Phrases

  • Sampai jumpa lagi, kawan – see you next time, buddy.
  • Selamat jalan, semoga bisa bertemu lain kali – take care, see you next time
  • Semoga harimu indah – have a nice day
  • Senang bertemu dengan anda – it is nice to see you
  • Sampai bertemu kembali – see you next time

The Informal Goodbye Phrases

  • Da.. da.. ketemu lagi besok – good bye, see you next time
  • Bai bai (or bye bye) – goodbye
  • Dah.. sampai jumpa – bye, see you next time

That is all for the goodbye phrases in Indonesian. I hope you can learn something new from this article, that might help you to learn Indonesian language. Good luck!