Friendly Greeting in Indonesian – Phrases – Meaning – Gestures

Today, we will learn another greeting that is important to know, it is the friendly greeting in Indonesian. However, before we learn about how to say the friendly greeting in Indonesia. Are you ready to learn more about Bahasa Indonesia? Will, you excited on how to say the friendly greeting in Indonesian?

Last days, you have already know much about greeting in Indonesia, such as formal greeting in Indonesian, new years greeting in Indonesian, traditional Indonesian greeting etiquette, and also wedding greetings in the Indonesian language. So, let’s begin to learn the friendly greeting in Indonesian. Let’s check it out the below lists on how is the etiquette to say the friendly greeting in Indonesian.

1. Warm greeting

Halo, pak Rudi Selamat pagi.

Apa ada yang bisa saya bantu? It shows that friendly greeting starts with a warm greeting, you can say halo, pak Rudi selamat pagi? If you see that Mr. Rudi needs help, you can give him an offering, say Apa ada yang bisa saya bantu?

Then, Mr. Rudi will answer baiklah (sure) or tidak perlu (nothing) if he rejects your offering. Besides, if you a Muslim and you meet a Muslim people, you can greet them with Assalamu’alaikum, mas or Assalamualaikum bapak. Make sure that he or she is a Muslim.

2. Use traditional greeting

So, you have been stayed longer in Indonesia in here you should know how to greet the people, with the traditional greeting. This is one of the ways to say a friendly greeting in Indonesia. However, you should remember that use this traditional greeting only the people that live in that region.

Example, you greet them with Sugeng enjing means good morning. Sugeng enjing is a Java greeting, so use this to greet Javanese people or people that understand with the Javanese language. Got it?

3. Respect  the older people

Do Salim (another shake hands) to the older people this always done by Indonesian people. This always does by the Indonesian people to respect the older people, such as mother, father, grandfather even old brother.

There is one etiquette that you should know and learn when you want to pass and there are two people who are older. Say, Permisi, saya mau lewat (excuse me, I want to pass). Then, bend your body a little to respect the older people.

4. Greet someone from a distance

You see your friend across the street, how to greet him friendly? Wave your hand and smile, wait and he will wave his hands back to you. Do not ever yell while you want to greet your friend from a distance. It is really not polite. You can say Hai or say your friend’s name a little hard to make him look at you.

Other ways, if you see your relatives and he is older than you also he is not too far from you, you can approach him and say Halo, mas Dimas Apa kabar? (Hello, Dimas How are you?) and you can ask him again with Mau kemana mas? (Where do you want to go?).

5. Avoid hit their body

Well, you have already know about Indonesian greeting etiquette. However, there are rules that must you remember while you want to say a friendly greeting in Indonesian. Do not ever to hit, pinch, and also give negatives comment to greet your friend. It is very prohibited.

Example. Hei Ratna, kamu sekarang gendutan ya? This sentence shows that someone greets her friends with a negative comment. It means Hey, Ratna, you look a little bit fat, is it?  Or you greet him nicely but you hit the head or pinch her leg. It is not allowed in friendly greeting in Indonesia. However, if your friend feels that is okay, it is alright. 

The examples friendly greeting in Indonesian

  • Hei, Doni kemari. (after Doni approach you). Gimana kabarnya? (Hei, Doni comes here. What’s up?)
  • Assalamu’alaikum mbak, pak Roy nya ada dirumah? (Assalamu’alaikum, Is there Mr. Roy in the home? )
  • Selamat ya Hana, sekarang udah punya gelar sarjana. (Congratulation Hana, now you already have a bachelor’s degree.)
  • Hei, kamu sedang apa? (came and do tickling a friend’s waist). Hey, what are you doing?

Above examples above are some of the friendly greetings in Indonesia, let’s take a look the first one, Hei, Doni kemari. (after Doni approach you). Gimana kabarnya? This sentence shows that this is one example greet someone from a distance  Hei, Doni kemari then after Doni approach you.

You say, Gimana kabarnya? Means what’s up? This is an example of how to greet your friend from a distance. Next, Assalamu’alaikum mbak, pak Roy nya ada dirumah? So, if you meet a young woman and she uses hijab just say Assalamu’alaikum mbak. Then you can ask such as pak Roy nya ada dirumah? This question can you use if you want to meet someone in his or her home.

Selamat ya Hana, sekarang udah punya gelar sarjana. This is one way how to greet someone and she is graduation. The last, have ever done this to your friend? In here, you greet your friend with Hei, kamu sedang apa? while you ask this you do tickling your friend’s waist. It is one of the etiquettes of a friendly greeting. But sometimes not all friends like to be tickled.

Hopefully, the above of informal greeting in Indonesian may help you how to say the informal greeting to your friends. So, let’s practice it and keep it up, do not give up to learn Bahasa. Try it over and over again, good luck.