How Long Does It Take to Learn Indonesian?

When you read this title, perhaps this is also became your question : how long it takes to learn Bahasa Indonesia? Some people can quickly learn Bahasa and speak like a Native. Others may need a longer time and struggle to speak, even just Indonesian Grammar, or maybe just Indonesian Alphabet. No one can predict how long it takes to learn Bahasa, but there are some factor that affect you to learn Bahasa, whether will make you fast or slow.

1. Intention and Willingness

This is the ultimate factor that cause you to learn Bahasa Indonesia. What is your intention to learn? For what you learn Bahasa? And what is your motivation to learn? If you had a strong and firm willingness, you can mastering Bahasa in short time. You can start with Conversation in Indonesian to help you practice it. So, how long does it take to learn Indonesian? It can be fast and easy.

2. Practice, Practice, and Practice

Related with point number one, you need to practice your Bahasa, so you can learn how to talk with Indonesian. Moreover, by often speaking Indonesian,  listening, and reading literature in Bahasa, it helps you to Learn Indonesian word formation and fast.

3. Element in its Language

In Bahasa Indonesia, there are some words that comes from foreign language and then absorb it as a new word in Bahasa. Furthermore, there are slang words and particle of words such as ‘lah, dong, nih, sih, lho, ya, etc’ that sometimes brings a new difficult to the beginner. No need to avoid it, just learn it even it needs a time to do that.

4. Your Native Language

As we mention before, some people easy to learn, and the others not. Bahasa Indonesia is Austronesian language, so some of the word and grammar between your native language and Indonesian has similarity, if you are including the Austronesian language speaker. For others who are not in that category, probably get some trouble and, once again, need more time to understanding Bahasa.

5. ‘Curiosity’

Your willingness (or your intention) must be followed by your curiosity about a new thing in Bahasa Indonesia. It will be very helpful for you who learn Bahasa, because it will shortened your time to learn and mastering it.

6. Interest

If you are very very interest learning Bahasa, it will bring some spirit to learn Indonesian. But if your interest is not learning Indonesian (or learning because of coercion) probably gives you a difficult because you are not. Even so, you can cultivate your interest by visiting some beautiful places and practicing some Indonesian Phrases for traveller.

Once again, there are no standard about time required for learning Indonesian Language. It depends on yourself whether you want to learn Bahasa or not, and mastering it for your competence or skill. So, how long does it take to learn Indonesian? You can learn Indonesian fast with us here! We hope this article helps you to learn Bahasa more active and get some or massive progress.