7 Characteristics of Indonesian Language

Every language around the world has own its characteristic that distinguish each other, and so is Indonesian. In Bahasa Indonesia, there are Morphology of Indonesia Language that shows its characteristics of Indonesian Language. But we will explore more about the characteristic itself.

1. Arbitrary

First thing of characteristic in Indonesian language is arbitrary. Arbitrary means that the relationship between the symbol and the symbolized is not mandatory, it can change and can not be explained why the symbol conceives a certain meaning. There are Types of Indonesian Verb Phrase that can help you to understanding Bahasa Indonesia.

2. Productive

The Second characteristics of Indonesian Language is productive. Productive means with a large number of finite elements, but can be made of almost unlimited speech units. According Kamus Umum Bahasa Indonesia by WJS Purwadaminta, Bahasa Indonesia has only 23.000 words, but with the number of words we can make a million (or more) unlimited sentence. You can learn Indonesian Active and Passive Sentence to help you learn Bahasa Indonesia.

3. Dynamic

The next characteristic is dynamic. It means that the language can not be separated from the possibility of changes at any time can occur. The change can occur at any level: phonological, morphological, syntactic, semantic and lexicons. At any time there may be new vocabulary that appears, but there is also an old vocabulary that is drowned, not used anymore.

4. Diverse

Next thing is diverse. It depends on the people who used the language. Although the language has the same rules or patterns, but because the language is used by heterogeneous speakers who have different social backgrounds and habits, the language becomes diverse, both in phonological, morphological, syntactic and lexicon levels.

You can learn Morphology and Structure of Bahasa and Basic Indonesian Questions Structure to help you understanding Bahasa.

5. Humanly

Another characteristic is Humanly. It means that the language as a verb communication media only use by human, not animal or another creatures. Animals does not have a language; animal using a sound and gesture. It is not productive and dynamic. Human beings in language are not instinctive or instinctive, but by learning. Here is How to Learn Bahasa Fast to help you speak in Bahasa.

6. Scholarly

Indonesian Language has scholar characteristic. It means that Bahasa is a scientific language, which is able to used appropriately to express the logical thinking. A scholarly language is able to form precise and thorough statements so that the ideas conveyed by the author can be readily accepted by the reader.

The sentences used reflect objective accuracy so that the sentence texts are similar to logical propositions. Therefore, if a sentence used to express two ideas that have causality relationships, the two ideas and their relationships must be clearly visible in the sentences that embody them.

7. Straightforward and Clear

Indonesian Language has straightforward and clear character. This means that the Indonesian language is able to convey scientific ideas clearly and precisely. Therefore, every idea is expressed directly so the meaning is a straightforward meaning. A straightforward Indonesian exposure will avoid misunderstandings and misinterpret the content of sentences.

There still many more of characteristic in Bahasa Indonesia that needs to elaborate but we sincerely hope you enjoy to read this article and keep your spirit to learn Bahasa Indonesia, particularly Learn Indonesian Grammar and Structure.