How to Say How Old Are You in Indonesian

Many people look younger than their real age. But, there are also many people that look older than their real age. The truth is, kids nowadays may look older than their real age because they can learn many things and also understand many things that are not suitable for their age. This can make many people curious and make them want to ask how old are you to the kids.

If you want to improve your Indonesian language skill, you must know how to use Indonesian in a daily conversation such as how to say what is going on in Indonesian, how to say Ok in Indonesian, or in the other case, how to say how old are you in Indonesian if you are curious about someone’s age. But, before you do that,  you better consider with whom you are talking to If you meet someone for the first time or someone who looks much older than you, ask them politely, so that they won’t be offended by your question. That is why this article is available to help you know more about how to say how old are you in Indonesian.

1. The Formal Way to Say How Old are You in Indonesian

  • Maaf, apa saya boleh tahu umur anda? – sorry, can you tell me how old are you?
  • Jangan tersinggung, berapa umur anda sekarang? – No offense, How old are you now?
  • Apa saya boleh tahu usia anda saat ini? Saya hanya penasaran. – Can you tell me how old are you now? I am just curious.

From the sentences above, we can see how to ask the people’s age in a polite way. If you want to ask someone’s age that you meet for the first time or someone who is not very close to you, you may ask them by the examples given above. In addition, there are two common words to ask people about how old are they. The first words,- ‘berapa umur anda?’ and the second words ‘berapa usia anda?’ has the same meaning with how old are you?. You can choose one of it because it has no difference. Make sure if you want to ask about the age to the stranger or the people that are not close to you, choose the polite/formal way. Therefore, it will not offend them.

2. The Informal Way to Say How Old are You in Indonesian

  • Kamu umur berapa, sih? -How old are you?
  • Berapa usia kamu? Apa kamu sudah tua? – How old are you? Are you old already?
  • Aku yakin kamu pasti masih muda. Berapa usiamu sebenarnya? – I am pretty sure that you are still young. How old are you actually?

How to say how old are you in Indonesian is also shown in the sentences above. The sentences above relates with the informal way to ask about people’s age. You can use the sentences above to ask the age of your close friend, or the people that won’t get offended easily. The informal way can be polite or not, it depends on the words you use when you ask the people. Commonly, people would be a bit happy if you think they are younger than their real age, but it doesn’t mean all the people would be happy about it too. Just make sure that you understand the meaning of the words first before you use it. You may curious about Indonesian helpful phrase or general Indonesian phrase.

Here are the other examples of how to say how old are you in Indonesian:

  • Berapa usiamu saat ini? Biar saya tebak, kamu pasti masih remaja, ya? – How old are you now? Let me guess, you are still a teenager, right? ( informal )
  • Maaf, saya tidak bermaksud menyinggung. Saya hanya penasaran, berapa umur anda saat ini? – Sorry, I don’t mean to offend you. I am just curious, how old are you right now? (Formal)

That is all for the ‘How to say how old are you in Indonesian’ article. You can choose between the formal and informal way when you want to ask someone about their age. Remember to choose the right words, so that people won’t get offended. I hope this article will help you to get the information you need.