How to Say Are You Okay in Indonesian

Language is used for a better communication between one person to other people. It helps people to understand what the other means so that they can help each other. In communication, people are used to asking someone’s condition. In other words, you may ask about someone’s condition whenever you see the people that need help. If you want to improve your Indonesian language skill, you must know how to say how old are you in Indonesian, how to say what’s going on in Indonesian, how to say OK in Indonesian, and how to say are you okay in Indonesian.

The ‘are you okay’ sentence is used to express our care to someone’s condition. In Indonesia, ‘are you okay’ is a sentence that can make people who need help become more relax because when you say that sentence to them, it could be meant that you are offering an help for them. So, the ‘are you okay’ sentence is good to say every time you see people that might need a help. Here is the article for how to say are you okay in Indonesian.

1. The Common Use of Are You Okay

  • Apakah kamu tidak apa-apa? – are you okay?
  • Kamu tidak apa-apa, kawan? – are you okay, buddy?
  • Apa yang terjadi? Apakah semua baik-baik saja? – What is going on? Is everything okay?

The sentences above are used to ask for someone’s condition. It is used to show that we care about any accident that happens in someone’s life. There are 2 common sentences of ‘are you okay’ in Indonesian. The first one, ‘apakah kamu tidak apa-apa’. It is used to ask for people’s condition, when you are around them if you see any accident happen. The second one, ‘ apa semua baik-baik saja’ is used to ask people about their condition, just as the same as the first sentence.

2. Are You Okay to Offer Help

  • Apa kamu tidak apa-apa? Butuh bantuan? – Are you okay? Do you need any help?
  • Ada yang bisa saya bantu? Apa kamu baik-baik saja? – Is there anything I can help? Are you okay?
  • Apa kamu baik-baik saja? Apa perlu dibantu? – Are you okay? Do you need anything?

As you can see, the ‘are you okay’ sentences above can be used to offer help. “Help” word is the most used Indonesian verbs. The difference between the examples given above is just when you should you use the sentences. In other words, you can ask whether someone needs your help first by saying ‘butuh bantuan’, ‘ada yang bisa saya bantu’ before you ask about their condition. You can also ask for their condition by saying ‘ apa kamu tidak apa-apa’, ‘apa kamu baik-baik saja’ before you offer help.

Here are the other examples of ‘are you okay’ in Indonesian.

  • Kamu baik-baik saja, sayang? – are you okay, honey?
  • Apa kalian baik-baik saja? Apakah ada yang terluka? – is everyone okay? Is there anyone get injured
  • Semuanya tidak masalah, bukan? – is everything alright?
  • Kamu tidak akan terkena masalah. Semuanya akan baik – baik saja. -you are going to be fine. Everything is going to be okay.

That is the how to say are you okay in Indonesian article. You can use the sentences above to ask about people’s condition and offer any help. This is a good deed because you can make the people feel relief and better. I hope this article can help you to improve your Indonesian skill.