How to Say I Like You in Indonesian – Phrases and Examples

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Getting a crush with an Indonesian girlfriend or boyfriend make dramatically improve your mastery of the language of Indonesian. But the question becomes: How can you possibly attract or show your feeling to an Indonesian boyfriend or girlfriend without first learning the language when you are getting a crush on him or her? Here is how to get started!

The word ‘like’ means to express the feeling that we are comfortable to something because of the worth of it. You have already known before from the article How to Say “I Like” in Indonesian. Those are the examples to show your feeling about something.

The word ‘like’ also means to express the feeling that we are comfortable to someone because of her/his internal or external beauty. For example because someone is beautiful/ handsome, kind, smart, talented, honest, sweet, wise, lovely, pretty, wonderful, gentle, soft, understanding, and so on that make you like her/ him.

  • Like = Suka

Now i am going to show you how to say I like you in Indonesian. Before we continue, in the article Indonesian Words for I Love You beforeyou also have known some sentences to express if you like someone.

For example:

I really like you.
 Saya/aku sangat menyukaimu.
You make me happy.
 Kamu membuat saya bahagia.
I want to be with you.
 Saya/aku ingin bersama kamu.
Do you want to be my girlfriend/boyfriend? 
Apakah kamu mau jadi pacarku?

These expressions are usually used for the teenager. If we translate I like you in Indonesian’s dictionary, it will be Saya suka kamu (Sa-ya su-ka ka-mu).

There are two other kind of sentences to show I like you in Indonesian; Saya cinta padamu or Saya cinta kepada kamu. Padamu or kepada kamu has the same meaning; that is to you in English. Padamu is the short of kepada kamu. It is more poetic.

If the feeling is too strong to someone, we can use the phrase of very much. So it will be I Like you very much. There are two ways to say I like you very much in Indonesian; we can say I like you in formal and informal ways:

Formal (you can also read: Indonesian Formal Pronouns):
If we translated I like you very much in formally, it will be Saya sangat suka kamu. Sangat means the formal way of very much in English.

Informal (you can also read: Informal Indonesian Phrases):
If we translated I like you very much in informally, it will be Saya suka banget sama kamu. Banget means the informal way of very much in English.

That’s all the explanations about how to say I love you in Indonesian. I hope this article is useful for you to help you showing your feeling to someone you like. Thank you for reading and good luck to you.