4 Best Ways to Learn Indonesian Online for Free

Indonesian can be a fast and easy language to learn. You just gotta make use of all your resources available!

Our digital era keeps on improving. The advanced technology nowadays enables us to do a lot of things more conveniently and efficiently. One of them, of course, is learning Indonesian. But, How to Learn Bahasa? If you’re in a rush or plan to visit Indonesia soon, you’ll surely not have a lot of time to take an Indonesian course or read multiple books.

What is The Best Ways to Learn Indonesian Online? 

Thankfully, you don’t have to fret! Learning Indonesian online is one of the solutions you can opt for and it helps just as much as attending real-time classes. Here are some tips to put technology to your best advantage and learn Indonesian online.

  1. Watch and listen to Indonesian shows

Picking up on a new language is much easier if you listen to the language often. With online access, you can easily get your hands on Indonesian shows, broadcasts, and so on. Try to check out Indonesian news shows, talkshows, and movies and start watching them.

You can use subtitles to help you for sure, because the goal is to start being more familiar with the language in your ears. If you do this often, you’ll absolutely find it a lot easier to learn the language.

  1. Watch online tutorials

Reading is helpful, however when you can directly listen to a tutor helping you out in videos or audios, especially in speaking and pronunciation, it will be much better for you. Take your time to be alone with your headphones and listen carefully, mimicking the tutorials as best as you can to get a better grip on your speaking skills.

  1. Read helpful websites

The Internet is filled with lots and lots of text to help you out. Take this website for example. There are multiple tips starting from beginner tips, how to start Indonesian conversations phrases, different Indonesian words for tourists, even Indonesian grammar and fun facts about Indonesian language that you can learn from. There are also various blogs and online books for you to increase your knowledge.

Don’t stop just at a few reads, read as much as you can and put them into practice! Also. you may scroll to this website cause we provide complete guide for you to learn Indonesian language better. That’s the best ways to learn Indonesian online.

  1. Use online apps

There are many applications you can easily download to your smartphone or computer that can help you with Indonesian. These apps will teach you step by step and there will be daily lessons and tutorials for you to complete in order for you to master the language.

Download one of these apps and commit to yourself to devote an hour or two every day to do the quizzes, read the lessons, and review the contents on the app to make sure your brain is fresh with new Indonesian knowledge daily. Just make sure to be consistent with opening the app and learning, because if not, you’ll easily forget what you’ve learned

These online facilities are helpful especially if you are busy and can’t make a lot of free time, but remember that they’re not everything it takes to learn Bahasa. They are just helping tools; it’s always better if you step out, talk to more Indonesian people, and put your skills to direct practice. Good luck!