How to Say I’m Vegetarian in Indonesian Language and Conversation

Indonesia is a place where there are various types of delicious traditional food. There are traditional snacks, various types of rice, and side dishes. However, some of us might be a vegetarian. If someone asks you to eat in Indonesia, you have to say that you are a vegetarian. You can learn several English and Indonesian conversation at the restaurants first. Read explanation below to know how to say I’m vegetarian in Indonesian.

How to Say “I’m vegetarian in Indonesian”

You will need to say “I’m vegetarian” at a certain times, for example when your friends ask you to eat together at a restaurant, or when you inform the waiters to give you vegetarian menu. Below is literary translation for “I’m vegetarian”:

  • “I’m” or “I am” in Indonesian means “saya adalah”
  • Vegetarian don’t have any specific means in Indonesia. People say it as vegetarian also.

However, Indonesian pronounce vegetarian a little bit differently. Indonesian read the words as it is. “Ve” is pronounced similarly. “Ge” is pronounced similar with “get”. “Ta” is pronounced similar with “task”. “Ri” is pronounced similar with “rich”. “A” in “an” is pronounced similar with “a” in “task”. However, when “rian” is pronounced, it is pronounced similar with “riyan”, as if there is additional word “y”.

In conclusion, “I’m vegetarian” in Indonesian means “saya adalah vegetarian” or concisely “saya vegetarian”. Read example of its use in conversation below.

A : Let’s eat something delicious together at a restaurant.

Ayo makan makanan lezat di restoran.

B : Yeah, I’m already very hungry.

Ya, saya memang sudah sangat lapar.

A : What kind of food do you want to eat?

Makanan jenis apa yang ingin kamu makan?
B : I don’t know. Can you recommend me something delicious? I’m vegetarian by the way.

Aku tidak tahu. Apakah kamu bisa merekomendasikanku makanan yang lezat? Ngomong-ngomong, saya vegetarian.

A : Oh, so you are a vegetarian. In that case, let’s eat at ABC restaurants. They provide delicious vegetarian menu.

Oh, jadi kamu vegetarian. Kalau begitu, ayo makan di restoran ABC. Mereka menyajikan menu vegetarian yang lezat. 

Other way to say “I’m vegetarian” in Indonesian

The explanation above is a way to say “I’m vegetarian” in Indonesian literally. In this section, we provide you other way to say “I’m vegetarian” in Indonesian. As you already know, vegetarian is a person that someone that only eats food from plants, or restricted from eating food made from animal slaughter. There are two ways to say it differently:

  • “I only eat food from plants” or “I only eat vegetables”

Here, you want to say that you only eat food from plants, such as vegetables, beans etc. You can say “saya hanya memakan makanan dari tumbuhan” or “saya hanya makan sayuran”.

  • “I dont’ eat food made from animals” or “I don’t eat meats”

Here, you want to say that you don’t eat food made from animals. You can say “saya tidak memakan makanan yang berasal dari hewan” or “saya tidak memakan daging”.

It’s not difficult to say “I’m vegetarian” in Indonesia, right? For more information, you can also read about several Indonesian foods and its examples. These vocabularies will help you to choose your food properly.

That’s all about how to say I’m vegetarian in Indonesian. Keep practicing, especially how to pronounce the word because Indonesian say “vegetarian” a little bit differently. Hope this article will be helpful for you. Thank you for reading.