How to Say “My Dear” in Indonesian – Phrase and Example

Hello guys! Welcome to Mastering Bahasa, the best way to learn Indonesian Language through online. You can learn Bahasa Indonesia easily here for free. Now I am going to show you how to say my dear in Indonesian. Here is how to get started!

The word dear or dearest (verb) in English almost has the same meaning with darling, affection, honey, love and also flame, love, lover, mistress. My dear is one of the lovely phrase in English. It is an Indonesian words for I love you. The synonyms of this word are affectionately, beloved, costly, darling, dearest, dearly, devout, earnest, good, heartfelt, high-priced, honey, lamb, love, near.

The word dear (noun) in English means sayang or kekasih (kata benda) in Indonesian. It is used to express the feeling of love to someone special or to someone that you love. Many Indonesian people use those romantic words to show their feeling for someone that they love. You have to learn how to say the words moreover if you fall in love with Indonesian people.

How to say “my dear” in Indonesian

Here are some phrases that Indonesian people usually use to express love by using the word of dear in Indonesian and I actually put the meaning of each words in English beside the Indonesian words to make you easy to understand the sentences easily:

  • Sayang (dear)
  • Sayangku/ kekasihku (My dear/ my dear one/ my dearest)
  • Sayangku sayang (My dear lady)
  • Sayangku Zhillan (My dear Zhillan)
  • Aku cinta kamu sayangku (I love you my dear)
  • Aku sayang kamu sayang (I love you dear) -the first sayang is as a verb and the second sayang is as a noun
  • Temanku sayang (my dear friend)
  • Terima kasih sayangku (Thanks my dear)
  • Terima kasih sayang (Thank you dear)
  • Tetap semangat sayangku (Keep spirit my dear)
  • Apa kabarmu sayangku? (How are you my dear?)
  • Hai anakku sayang! (Hi my dear son!)
  • Anakku tersayang (My dearest son)
  • Dearest (Tersayang)
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Those lists are representing the the various definitions of the phrase of my dear in Indonesian. You can use them based on the use of the language to express the feeling that you want to tell to someone that you love. Those were also including into Indonesian flirting phrases that you can learn on one of the article in this web. Beside those lists, there are Indonesian words for I love you that you can find also in this web to increase your vocabulary in English.

Congratulations! Now you can know how to say my dear in Indonesian that is ‘sayang’ and the lists of the use of the word dear in many different ways in Indonesian which are already translated in English as well. You may also need to learn about How to Say Darling in Indonesian

That’s all the explanations from me about how to say my dear in Indonesian. I hope this article is useful for you to help you to know all the words that use dear in Indonesian to express the feeling to someone based on the people that you love. Thank you for reading and good luck to you.