5 Ways on How to Speak with An Indonesian Accent

When you are in Indonesia, you will be pay attention about how Indonesian speak, or talk. Obviously, they speak in Indonesian language and they are Indonesian; although some of them are mixed-race (one of their parents are foreigner), but they are born in Indonesia. But there are some foreigner know How to Talk with Indonesian Like a Pro, which is makes you wonder how they do that.

In this article, we will explain the tips and trick how do Indonesian speak, along with How to Learn Bahasa Fast.

1. Speak, Speak, and Speak

How to speak with an Indonesian accent? The most important thing to do Indonesian Speak is speaking. No one can better than that. You have to practice what you have learned in class, and be confidence. No need to worry if you say some words in Bahasa Indonesia in a wrong ways; people will know that you are learning Bahasa Indonesia, and still struggle with that, which is no big deal. You can see Indonesian Conversation Phrases and How to Introduce Yourself in Indonesian to help you learn.

2. Use it, Not Learn it

When you have an Indonesian class, you will required to talk and write in Bahasa Indonesia. You also required to read and listen every single thing in Indonesian lesson. This means that you have to use Indonesian language; not only in Indonesian lesson, but also in daily life.

Because some people do not understand language but Indonesia, so we have to learn Indonesian to help not only the others, but also help ourselves. Here is Conversation in Indonesian for Beginner, so you can practice it. Furthermore, there is a different in using of Indonesian language.

If you are in formal occasion, most people are using a formal language. If you are hangout with friends or informal situation, they sometimes using a slang-words in Bahasa and put some particle in

3. Find the Sources

This point means that we have to looking for a sources to do Indonesian Speak. Whether it come from Youtube (you can find a lot of Learn Indonesian Word Formation or Learn Indonesian Language in a day), literature, website, or blog (this platform can be your choice to learn Bahasa Indonesia, with many article to discuss about Indonesian language), you decide, as long as it helps you out.

4. Be an Indonesian

Perhaps, this is a little bit difficult to do. But being Indonesian people is does not mean you have to be 100% Indonesian, if you are not suitable with some things that you dislike or not preferred. You just have to know how to do an Indonesian speak, and certainly be yourself.

That is the things that you have to know if you want to do Indonesian speak. For more detail and knowledge, you can visit this platform and read the articles. Because it will help you understand Bahasa Indonesia and you will know how to speak with an Indonesian accent.

Indeed, here are various accent of Indonesian language you may love to see.