8 Easy Ways to Learn Indonesian Language in A Day

When you came to the foreign country, especially to Indonesia, you must be found some word in their language. For example, ‘Selamat Datang’ in many public places, as a form of using Indonesian Language to greeting visitor from anywhere. It will be different if you live in Indonesia for a long time. Whether you want it or not, you have to learn Bahasa Indonesia. Here is the tips and trick to learn Bahasa Indonesia, which is much more easy and a lot of fun, with How to Learn Bahasa Fast for guiding you to learn.

1. Practice, Practice, and Practice

The most important things to learn Indonesian language is practice. No matter what kind of way or tips and trick that you use, you will never mastered Bahasa if you are not practicing the technique. One way to practicing is with flash cards. Write your words that you want to remember and bring your creativity to make it easy. You can see another tips and trick in Learn Indonesian Grammar, for learning Bahasa become easier.

2. Combine with Other Technique

Learning Bahasa, or any kind of lesson, is not always with the strict technique. Some ways or technique, are designed to make learning Indonesian Language is more easy and fun. For example, a games for a student, where the rules are using Bahasa Indonesia. If you break the rules, then there will be a punishment, which is also in Bahasa Indonesia and enhance the knowledge.

Another way for learning Bahasa in easy way is with song. Basically, your tutor will taught you some song in Indonesian language. It will train your vocal or vowel and articulation. Here is Indonesian Vowel Chart for help you to speak, so you know How to talk with Indonesian Like A Pro

3. Make a Note

This is very important for you who learn Bahasa Indonesia. Because without a note, you will never know what you have from learning and it will help you to monitoring your progress of learning Bahasa. You can make a little note or having a pocket book for guiding you to practising Indonesian language. Inside your note can be filled with Basic Indonesian Vocabulary and Indonesian Phrases and common sentences to make it easier.

4. Listen

Learning Indonesian language not only about speaking. But also writing (as we mention in point number one) and listening. Indonesian language has a unique sound and rhythm, so you need and have to familiar with it. When Indonesian speak in Bahasa, it can be quite fast and different from a formal literature that you had in the class or textbook.

5. Join with your Friends

This point means that you can go walk with your Indonesian friends and hang out with them. From there you can not only help you learn Bahasa Indonesia fast, but also add your friendship network.

6. Turn on YouTube 

Indeed, now you can find easy way to learn Indonesian Language everywhere. Indeed, there are many channels to Learn Indonesian Word Formation Easy and Fast.

7. From the Movies 

By the way, Indonesia also have many great movies to watch and learn the language at the same time. You won’t regret cause there are many Useful Benefits of Learning Bahasa Indonesia.

8. Stay with us

Indeed, we are the official platform to help you learn Indonesian language like a pro. We provide you with theories that easy to understand. We guarantee you that you can speak Bahasa fast here. This is the easy way to learn Indonesian Language.

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That is the easy way to learn Bahasa Indonesia fast. Keep learning fron this article and another in this blog, and keep practicing.