Indonesian Words for Numbers from 0 to 100 Trillion

Selamat Datang! How is your progress in learning Indonesian? Have you checked how to learn Indonesian alphabets easy and fast as well as Indonesian language pronunciation guide? It’s time to move on to some Indonesian vocabularies, and today we’ll learn about numbers.

Numbers are very important in daily conversations too. For example, to know the price of items in the market or in shops, to talk about clothing or shoe size, to talk about phone numbers, all of them require you to know Indonesian number words.

Indonesian Words for Numbers

The good news is it’s fairly easy because you just need to master some number words as most words for bigger numbers are derived from their root numbers (for example, the word for ‘2’ is dua, and the word for ’12’ is dua belas). Check out this table to help you out:

Number English Indonesian
0 zero nol
1 one satu
2 two dua
3 three tiga
4 four empat
5 five lima
6 six enam
7 seven tujuh
8 eight delapan
9 nine sembilan
10 ten sepuluh
11 eleven sebelas
12 twelve dua belas
13 thirteen tiga belas
14 fourteen empat belas
15 fifteen lima belas
16 sixteen enam belas
17 seventeen tujuh belas
18 eighteen delapan belas
19 nineteen sembilan belas
20 twenty dua puluh
100 one hundred seratus / satu ratus
1,000 one thousand seribu / satu ribu
10,000 ten thousand sepuluh ribu
100,000 one hundred thousand seratus ribu / satu ratus ribu
1,000,000 one million sejuta / satu juta
10,000,000 ten million sepuluh juta
100,000,000 one hundred million seratus juta / satu ratus juta
1,000,000,000 one billion semiliar / satu miliar
10,000,000,000 ten billion sepuluh miliar
100,000,000,000 one hundred billion seratus miliar / satu ratus miliar
1,000,000,000,000 one trillion setriliun / satu triliun
10,000,000,000,000 ten trillion sepuluh triliun
100,000,000,000,000 one hundred trillion seratus triliun / satu ratus triliun

Now, how about other numbers like 32? Just like in English, in Indonesian we just have to combine the respective digits in the number. Taking 32 as an example below! 

Indonesian Words for Numbers Explanations 

Here is the explanations of Indonesian words for numbers:

3 = tiga; 2 = dua

  • 3 is in the tens position of the number, so we put ‘puluh’ (the Indonesian word for tens) next to it. Combining them together, it becomes ‘tiga puluh dua’.
  • Using the same concept, how do you read 54 in Indonesian?

5 = lima; 4 = empat

  • Lima + puluh + empat = Lima puluh empat (54)
  • For numbers with hundreds, you also need to add the word for hundreds in Indonesian, which is ‘ratus’.

So, for 127,

  • 100 = seratus; 2 = dua; 7 = tujuh
  • Seratus + dua + puluh + tujuh = seratus dua puluh tujuh

How about 348?

  • 300 = tiga ratus; 4 = empat, 8 = delapan
  • Tiga ratus + empat + puluh = delapan = tiga ratus empat puluh delapan

Pretty simple isn’t it? Don’t forget to learn ways to introduce yourself in Indonesian as well as these useful Indonesian conversation phrases to help you the next time you want to practice speaking Bahasa. Good luck!