3 Examples of Report Text about Indonesian Culture

Indonesia is a country with a unique culture because the country itself consists of thousands of ethnic groups spread in hundreds of islands. The culture in one area could differ greatly from the culture in a nearby area. Example of Report Text about Indonesian Culture Here are some examples of report texts about culture in […]

80 Funny Indonesian Translations Will Blown Your Mind

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A-Z List of English Words from Indonesian Origin

Indonesia is an Austronesian language, which means it is a language widely known in Southeast Asia and around the Pacific area. Indonesian language is unique because it is the official language for hundreds, even thousands of different ethnic groups in Indonesia. Aside from that, Indonesian language also contains many words that are derived or ‘borrowed’ […]

300 Indonesian Useful Expressions – Examples and Meaning

Selamat datang di MasteringBahasa.com! Welcome to MasteringBahasa.com! If you’re seeking to learn Indonesian language online for free, you’ve come to the right place. Today we’ll tackle useful Indonesian expressions that can be used in everyday situations. Common Greetings In Indonesian for Beginner Good morning (morning greeting until 10 am) > Selamat pagi Hello (mid-day greeting, […]

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38 Indonesian Connecting Words – Formula and Examples

Welcome back to MasteringBahasa! What do you think about connecting words? Just like in the English language, connecting words or conjunctions are so important in sentences because they help combining two words, phrases, clauses, or even sentences. They can simplify a text to make it easier to read and understand as well as help readers […]

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500 Indonesian General Words List with Meaning

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200 Useful Indonesian Words and Phrases to Learn

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How to say Hello in Indonesian – Greetings – Vocabulary

There are many ways you can learn Bahasa Indonesia fast and easy. You can even know the best way to learn Indonesian online for free. It is best to quickly master this new language if you speak with native Indonesians in regular conversations so you’ll get used to the new words and pronunciations. How to say […]