5 Indonesian Words in Minion – Unique Facts

Who isn’t familiar with The Minions?

We’re guessing everyone of you, no matter how old or young you are, are at least familiar with the cute tiny yellow creatures that appear in a series of movies starting from Despicable Me. You’ve perhaps also watched the movie for fun or with your family and friends. It’s entertaining to see this amusing creatures joke around, adventure, and make funny conversations in gibberish.

If you’re picking up on Bahasa Indonesia and happen to watch the minions’ movie, you might be surprised to see that there are some phrases from the minions’ conversations that you recognize. Yes, the minions’ language is actually adapted from many different languages, and Indonesian is one of them!

This is because one of the creators behind the movie is of Indonesian descent. Although he does not speak Indonesian daily nor understand much of the language, he is inclined with Indonesian as he thinks the language is beautiful and musical. Thus, he decided to incorporate some simple Indonesian phrases to the minions’ language the team created. Aside from Indonesian, the creators behind the minions also included phrases from Spanish, Italian, English and Greek.

Indonesian Words in Minion Film 

What are the phrases from Indonesian that are borrowed into the movie? Let’s check them out! Are you already familiar with these phrases?

  1. Terima kasih (Thank You)

This is perhaps the easiest phrase to spot in the movie. It is uttered when one of the minions spoke to the Queen of England thanking her by saying the phrase, which literally means ‘thank you’.

Thank you is an important part of Indonesian etiquette and manners so do learn more about them!

  1. Kemari (Come Here) 

This short word actually means ‘come here’ in English. It is like an order or a request. Other examples of how to use the phrase in sentences include:

  • Ia menyuruhnya datang kemari (He asked her to come here)
  • Tolong bawakan tehnya kemari (Please bring the tea here)
  • Kemari, ada yang harus Anda lihat (Come here, there is something you must see)
  1. Boleh kita masuk? (May We Come In?)

This question phrase is actually more of an informal shorter Indonesian phrase which means ‘may we come in?’ The formal way to say it is actually ‘Apa kita boleh masuk?’ but this phrase works in daily conversations too.

  1. Santai (Relax)

It literally means relax (verb form. Learn more about Indonesian verbs too) in Indonesian. In lighter conversations, it can also be used when you’re asking a person to chill out or not stress out about something. Examples of how to use the word:

  • Ia sedang bersantai di kamarnya (He is relaxing in his room)
  • Santai, jangan terburu-buru (Chill/relax, don’t rush)
  1. Paduka Raja (Your Highness or Your Majesty)

This is actually an older and less used phrase to address a person of royalty, particularly the king. It is equivalent to saying Your Highness or Your Majesty in English. That’s the Indonesian Words in Minion that you may get familiar in.

So, the next time you watch this movie, look out if you can spot these Indonesian phrases being used! Learn more Indonesian words here too

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