A-Z List of Indonesian Dishes – Vocabulary – Definition

Hi there? Are you ready for the lesson today? Well, all of you now know about all about the Indonesian cultures, such as a list of Indonesian musical instrumentIndonesian greeting customsIndonesian Sanskrit names and even offensive hand gestures in Indonesia. Now, we gonna talk about interesting things that you should can’ wait anymore.

What is it? It is a list of Indonesian dishes. Well, we know there are so many Indonesian dishes here. The Indonesian dishes divided into three part; soup, main course, and dessert or snacks. Okay, right now for the first, check on the list of the iconic Indonesian soup dish.

The List Of  The Iconic Indonesian Soup Dish

No.[/th] [th]Iconic Indonesian Dishes[/th] [th]Meaning

1.[/td] [td]Bakso[/td] [td]Meatball soup

2.[/td] [td]Coto Makassar[/td]Makassar soup [td]

3.[/td] [td]Rawon[/td] [td]Black soup with beef stew

4.[/td] [td]Sop Buntut[/td] [td]Oxtail soup

5.[/td] [td]Sop Kaki Kambing[/td] [td]Goat leg soup

6.[/td] [td]Sop Konro[/td] [td]Beef ribs soup

7.[/td] [td]Soto Ayam[/td] [td]Chicken soto

8.[/td] [td]Soto Betawi[/td] [td]Betawi soup

The example in the sentences 

  • Saya suka makan Rawon. (I like to eat Rawon)
  • Sop kaki kambing tersebut sangat enak. ( That goat’s leg soup is delicious)
  • Semangkuk soto Ayam dapat menghangat badan kita. ( A bowl of Chicken Soto could warm our body)
  • Satu mangkok bakso hanya cukup membayar sepuluh ribu rupiah saja. ( A bowl of meatball just paid it with ten thousands rupiah)

Let’s take a look for the first example; saya suka makan Rawon this sentence that explains that you loved this dishes. The word of suka is not mean like or seperti in Bahasa Indonesia. It is love that means suka in Bahasa Indonesia. Besides rawon is an iconic soup from East Java that has black color with beef stew.

The next is semangkuk soto Ayam dapat menghangatkan badan kita. Soto ayam is one of clear soup it is same as like Rawon but the color of Soto is yellow of turmeric. This sentence explains that a bowl of chicken soto it could warm your body. In Indonesia, this soup dish is always on the all of menu; breakfast, lunch even dinner. The price is also quite cheap and you could find it every where. 

The List Of  The Iconic Indonesian Main Course

No.[/th] [th]Iconic Indonesian Main Course[/th] [th]Meaning

1.[/td] [td]Ayam goreng[/td] [td]Fried chicken

2.[/td] [td]Gulai ikan[/td] [td]Fish head curry

3.[/td] [td]Ikan Bakar[/td] [td]Grill fish

4.[/td] [td]Kare ayam[/td] [td]Chicken curry

5.[/td] [td]Nasi goreng[/td] [td]Fried rice

6.[/td] [td]Opor ayam[/td] [td]Chicken braised with coconut milk

7.[/td] [td]Pecel lele[/td] [td]Fried cat fish

8.[/td] [td]Pepes[/td] [td]Herbal packet

9.[/td] [td]Rendang[/td] [td]Beef rendang

10.[/td] [td]Rica-rica[/td] [td]Manado dish

11.[/td] [td]Sate Ayam[/td] [td]Chicken satay

12.[/td] [td]Sate Padang[/td] [td]Padang satay

The example in the sentences

  • Gulai ikan adalah salah satu makanan khas Padang. ( The fish’s head curry is one of the dishes from Padang)
  • Sate ayam dan sate padang adalah dua jenis sate favorit khas Indonesia. ( The chicken satay and Padang satay are kind of the favorite satay in Indonesia)
  • Pepes, makanan ini bisa berupa ikan atau daging ayam yang penuh dengan rempah-rempah khas Indonesia yang lezat.  (Herbal packet, this dish it could be a fish or chicken with full of Indonesia’s herbs that delicious.)

Gulai ikan adalah salah satu makanan Indonesia dari Padang. Well, we know that in Indonesia there are many traditional dishes based in every city. This first example is explained that gulai ikan is one of the Indonesian dishes from Padang. Padang is a city in the North Sumatera.

The next example, pepes, makanan ini bisa berupa ikan atau daging ayam yang penuh dengan rempah-rempah khas Indonesia yang lezat. Pepes is one of the Indonesian dishes that very iconic, we could find this dish in Java. This sentence explains that pepes or herbal packet is a dish that made from fish or chicken that cooked in lots herbs and spices then it rolls with banana leaves and then grills it for few minutes. Pepes is always served with cooked rice. You should try this dish it is very delicious.

The List Of  The Iconic Indonesian Dessert or Snacks

No.[/th] [th]Iconic Indonesian dessert[/th] [th]Meaning

1.[/td] [td]Bubur Candil[/td] [td]Sweet coconut porridge

2.[/td] [td]Dadar gulung[/td] [td]Traditional pancake roll

3.[/td] [td]Es Cendol[/td] [td]Cendol ice

4.[/td] [td]Es Teler[/td] [td]Teler ice

5.[/td] [td]Klepon[/td] [td]Rice floor meetball

6.[/td] [td]Kolak Pisang[/td] [td]Banana compote

7.[/td] [td]Pempek[/td] [td]Fried fish cakes

8.[/td] [td]Serabi/Surabi[/td] [td]Rice flour pancake

9.[/td] [td]Siomay[/td] [td]One version of dim sum

10.[/td] [td]Martabak manis[/td] [td]One version of pancake

The example in the sentences

  • Pempek adalah jajanan dari Palembang yang terbuat dari ikan. (Pempek is a snack from Palembang that made from fish)
  • Bubur candil adalah bubur manis khas Indonesia. (Candil porridge is a sweet porridge from Indonesia)
  • Serabi adalah kue dadar khas kota Bandung. (Serabi is a pancake from Bandung city.)
  • Martabak manis ini memiliki rasa keju, cokelat, dan kacang. (My sweet martabak has flavors of cheese, chocolate, and nuts)

The finally of the list of Indonesian dishes are dessert or snack. Pempek adalah jajanan dari Palembang yang terbuat dari ikan. This sentence is clear that explain Pempek is a snack and it made from fish. Pempek is a snack from Palembang, this snack is made from fish and there are many types of Pempek such as; Kapal Selam (submarine fish cake), Lenjer (long fish cake), Adaan (fish cake ball), and kulit (flat fish cake). The other of dessert that loves most by foreign is martabak manis or sweet martabak. Martabak manis ini memiliki rasa keju, cokelat, dan kacang. It clears that your sweet martabak has flavors of cheese, chocolate, and nuts. Beside the sweet martabak, there is salted martabak too or we have known as martabak asin. You should try.

Hopefully, this list of Indonesian dishes could be meaningful information for you. We can’t give all the Indonesian dishes here but we just give the iconic dishes that should you try. So, if you want to travel here please learn first about the list of cities in Indonesian and then you should try these tasty Indonesian dishes. All the dishes are very delicious.