Can Malaysians Understand Indonesian? Here’s The Differences

Hello there, how are you today? Are you ready for the lesson today? Yes. okay now we talk about Malaysians; can Malaysians understand Indonesian? Maybe they can understand little but not much. However, we start the lesson, we should previous first about the last lesson, we already know about Is Bahasa Malaysia the same as Bahasa […]

Similarities between Indonesia and France – Vocabularies – History

Hi there, what’s up, friends? We hope you are all in good condition. Are you ready to learn a new lesson today? So, today we will answer your question about what are the similarities between Indonesia and France? Let’s check below answer here. France visiting Indonesia In history, it was mentioned that France had come […]

The Explanation about Why Does Tagalog Sound Like Indonesian

Hi there! Welcome, to the next lesson of Bahasa Indonesia. Today we will learn something that is a very interesting topic. It is about Tagalog and Bahasa Indonesia. Are there any similarities between Tagalog and Bahasa Indonesia? Why does Tagalog sound like Indonesia? Before we will discuss it, let’s we previous what we already learn […]

Ms. In Indonesian – Examples and Meaning

Hello, everyone do you still excited to learn something new about Bahasa Indonesia? We always hope that you are all still excited to learn about Bahasa Indonesia. So, before we learn about Ms in Indonesian, we will try to previous of what lessons that are be done Indonesian hand gestures, friendly greeting Indonesian, formal greeting in Indonesian, also informal […]

Do You Love Me In Indonesian – Phrases and Examples

Hello guys, how do you do? We hope all of you in a good condition now. So, before we enter to start new lesson today, let’s previous first what we did yesterday, we already know about some of the Indonesian words love, list of Indonesian words for love, Indonesian proverbs about love also the things to say to a […]

Phrases for Formal Letter Writing In Indonesian

Hello, everyone? How are you today? We hope all of you is alright and in the good condition. Well, today we will guide you how to make a formal letter in Indonesian and also learn about the phrases for formal letter writing in Indonesian. Last day, we already know about how to write an effective email […]

How to Write An Effective Email in Bahasa Indonesia

Today we will start to learn something new about Bahasa Indonesia, are you ready for this? Before we enter the lesson, first, as usual, we preview what are the lessons that we also did. Yesterday we have already learned about how to write a phrase in Bahasa Indonesia, how to write a conditional sentence in Indonesian, how to […]

How to Write Conditional Sentence in Indonesian – Formula – Examples

Hi there, are you still excited to learn Bahasa Indonesia? How is your progress now? We hope all of you can do better than yesterday. Before we will start the new lesson, let’s we preview first, what is the lesson that we did last day, they are the passive sentence in Indonesian, Indonesian sentence starters, […]

Passive Sentence in Indonesian – Structure – Examples

Hi guys, are you excited to learn Bahasa Indonesia today? Okay, before you have learned something new, let’s check the previous lesson that we have done; such as Indonesian sentence starters, Indonesian object focus sentences, simple Indonesian sentences, also Indonesian sentence structures. Well, today we have to learn the passive sentence in Indonesian. In here, You will be guided on […]

Learn about Indonesian Hand Gestures – Greetings – Etiquette

Hello guys, we come back to give you another lesson of Bahasa Indonesia today. Before we learn a new lesson, we have to review first, what lessons have you learned before. Yesterday, you have already know about new years greeting in Indonesian, how to say Hello in Indonesian, common greetings in Indonesian and also Indonesian greeting customs. Now, we will […]