Meaning of “oma” in Indonesian – Clear Examples

Hello everyone! Today, I am going to tell you about a common word. This word is used to greet an older women. It is “oma”. Many Indonesian people use “oma” to call their grandmother.

Based on KBBI (Indonesian Great Dictionary), “oma” means “nenek” which means “grandmother” or  “grandma” in English. Many people in Indonesia use it in their daily conversation with their grandma. You can check out Simple Conversation in Indonesian Language to help you talk in Indonesian language.

Indonesian people use “oma” to call their grandmother.  This is a common word, especially in the city area. “oma”  is a polite word, not a slang word. Indonesian Slang in Internet Chatting  will help you to know more about Indonesian slang. So, you don’t need to worry to use this word to call some old women that you might meet in Indonesia. They would welcome it when you greet them with “oma”. Here is the further information for the meaning of “oma”in Indonesian.

How to pronounce “oma” in Indonesian

If you want to use “oma” to greet a grandmother, you must need to know how to pronounce it in a correct way. As we know, “o” in English and “o” in Indonesian is pronounced differently. Here is the further explanation.

The word “oma” consists of two syllables, the first one is “o” and the second one is “ma”. For the first one, “o” is pronounced the same as “o” in “orang” or people in English. While the second syllable, “ma” is pronounced the same as “ma” in “masuk” or enter in English.

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Concept of “oma” in Indonesian

The word “oma” is used to greet or call a grandmother. “oma” commonly used to call your grandmother (in blood), because this word is a special word to use. It has the same meaning as “nenek”, in some region in Indonesia, those word are used differently.

For “nenek”, it is used to greet any old women or someone’s grandmother, but you can also use this to call your own grandmother. But for “oma”, it is used to call your in blood grandmother (commonly).

Examples of “oma” in Indonesian

After you have known about the meaning, how to pronounce, and the concept of “oma” in Indonesian, you can start to learn about the examples. You can check out The Meaning of Ibu in Indonesian to help you understand more about Indonesian language. Here are some sentences of “oma” in Indonesian.

When you want to greet your grandma :

  • Hai oma, apa kabar? Aku rindu sekali dengan oma. – hello grandma, how are you? I miss you so much, grandma.
  • Selamat pagi,oma. Apakah tidurnya nyenyak semalam? – good morning, grandma. Did you have enough sleep last night?
  • Oma, apa kabar? Semoga sehat selalu. – how are you, grandma? I hope you are healthy.
  • Selamat malam, oma. Mimpi yang indah. – good night, grandma. Have a nice dream.

When you ask something from your grandma :

  • Oma, aku mau ke rumah besok. Oma tunggu ya? – grandma, I am going to go to your house tomorrow. You must wait for me, ok?
  • Ada yang bisa saya bantu, oma? – can I help you, grandma? / do you need any help, grandma?
  • Oma, tolong masakkan masakan kesukaan aku,ya ? – grandma, would you please cook my favorite food?
  • Oma, liburan ini di rumahku saja, ya? – grandma, please spend your time at my house this holiday, ok?

That is all for the meaning of “oma” in Indonesian. I hope you can understand the meaning of it, and you can use it anytime you want. See you later!