Indonesian Slang in Internet Chatting – Meaning and Examples

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Learning a new language would not be complete without understand the slang words. You have learned How to Say Thank You in Indonesian Slang and Javanese. But, of course there is many words to learn about slang words in Bahasa Indonesia. Commonly, you would find slang words in social media, especially because in social media people (mostly teenager and young adulut) usually use informal words and abbreviation in their chat. Sometimes it is make you feel really cool and sociable because you know the ‘language’. Here are some Indonesian Slang in Internet Chatting!

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Here are some vocabulary of Indonesian slang words that usually found in internet chatting.  Almost all slang words has its own certain period of popularity. These include slang words that was used several times ago and the new one.

  • Baper (bawa perasaan) = take feeling (literal), too sensitive/too much emotion
  • Galau = dilemma
  • Cipok = kiss (lips), french kiss
  • Amsyong = really unfortunate/mess
  • PDKT (from pendekatan) = approach (literal), flirting/effort to go to a romantic relationship
  • Mbribik = ‘Javanese’ for PDKT
  • Modus = having purpose, not sincere
  • Cabe and Cabe-cabean = refer to group of ‘cheesy’ girls
    *it came from a condition when three or more people (especially young girls) using a single motorbike as a transport (while the capacity of motorbike is only for two people)
  • Gaje (gak jelas) = not certain, weird
  • Gabut (gaji buta) = blind salary (literal), have no activity/not busy at all/a condition when you do nothing or less in a project/job
  • Tulalit = not connected (in conversation)
  • Telmi (telat mikir) = thinking late, similar too tulalit, also a people that could not catch a conversation
  • Kudet (kurang update) = less updates (especially in technology/information)
  • Gaul = sociable
  • Supel (super gaul) = very sociable
  • Kepo = knowing every particular object (refer to people that want to know too much than he/she should know)
  • Burung = slang for penis
  • Gaptek (gagap teknologi) = technology illiterate
  • Mupeng (muka pengen) = desire face (literal), a face that shows a desire to have something
  • Kuper (kurang perhatian) = refer to person who was having less attention (especially from parents)
  • Kuper (kurang pergaulan) = refer to person that considered having less intercommunication so sometimes his/her behaviour is less mature/open-minded
  • Kurang plesir = similar to kuper (kurang pergaulan)
  • Madesu (masa depan suram) = gloomy future (literal), refer to person that have no future/do not know their purpose
  • Kece = cool
  • Keles = a slang word for ‘confirmation’ in a sentence
  • Alay = cheesy
  • Kacang = peanut (literal meaning), ignored
  • receh = coins (literal meaning), not funny
  • Krik-krik = refer to awkward situation like the silence in a movie
  • Mager (males gerak) = lazy to move (literal), lazy, unmotivated
  • Sotoy (sok tau) = thinking he/she know a certain topic
  • HTS (hubungan tanpa status) = open relationship
  • Halu (halusinasi) = hallucination (literal), remember something that never happened like hallucinate
  • Lebay = over-/too much (like overreacted) 
  • Selo/woles = relax, less tension
  • Santai/sans = similar to selo
  • Kuy (yuk) = a word used to ask someone to come
  • Sikat/Takis = brush (literal), refer to ‘go/do something without hesitant’
  • Gas = similar to ‘sikat’
  • PHP (pemberi harapan palsu) = giving fake hope/disappointment
  • Jomblo/Jomlo =  single (but the sense is more negative)
  • TTM (teman tapi mesra) = romantic friend, refer to a relationship more serious than just a friend but not a lover (almost similar to friendzone)
  • Ayam kampus (campus chicken) = refer to female university student that use their sexuality to reach their purpose
  • Buaya darat = land crocodile (literal), playboy
  • Penjilat = licker, a person that will do everything to get the purpose

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More about Indonesian Slang in Internet Chatting!

  • sampah masyarakat = people’s trash (literal), refer to bad person (usually which do criminals, provoke or corrupt)
  • jual diri = self-selling (literal), refer to prostitution
  • Gaes/Temans = guys
  • Agan/gan = Bro (very common in internet)
  • Sister/sis = sister (mostly for online shopping/social media)
  • Dodol = Betawi dessert (literal), stupid
  • Bete = Fed up
  • Derita lo (DL) = Your loss
  • Bokap = father
  • Nyokap = mother 

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Those are the Indonesian Slang in Internet Chatting that you would usually found. Have you found another terms? Because usually slang words comes and go through certain times of periods. Some of slang words above might be found more popular back to 5 or 6 years ago, while some is very new slang words. Moreover, if you want to know more about Bahasa Indonesia, you could also check these following articles. Good luck!

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