‘Nah’ Meaning in Indonesian – The Phrase and Example

“Nah” is an interjection that used a lot in Indonesian daily conversation. This word belongs to informal word, but sometimes can be used a lot in formal occasion too. If you say this to older people, it will not be considered rude, but it also depends on the context and purpose of the sentence.

Nah Meaning in Indonesian

The word nah is one of Indonesian interjection. This word is used for several purposes, for example to state a conclusion, to retort, or to say something in mind.

This word is different with “nah” in English. In English, nah is the informal version of no. In Indonesian, nah is an interjection. You will understand better about the meaning when we come to the examples on the two next sub theme.

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How to Pronounce Nah in Indonesian

“Nah” in Indonesian is pronounced not too different with how to pronounce nah in English. Say it similar with the way it written, “nah”. The “h” is pronounced clearly. 

Several Examples of Using word Nah in Indonesian

Below are several examples on using the word “nah” in Indonesian daily conversational sentences. The examples using different words for different purposes in English to make you understand more about the meaning:

  • “Nah” for “well”

A: Pak, saya ingin bertanya lebih lanjut tentang arti dari Interjection.

Sir, I want to know more about interjection.

B: Nah, apa yang sudah kamu tahu tentang itu?

Well, what do you already know about it?

  • “Nah” for “now”

“Nah, sekarang kalian sudah boleh pulang.”

“Now you all can go home.

  • “Nah” for “there”

Nah, apa yang akan kalian lakukan setelah masalah ini terjadi?”

“There! What will you do after causing this problem?”

  • “Nah” for “see”

Nah kan saya sudah bilang seharusnya kamu pulang lebih cepat.”

“See. I’ve already told you to come home early.”

  • “Nah” for “so”

Nah, kesimpulannya adalah besok kita libur.”
“So, the conclusion is tomorrow is our day off.”

That’s all about “nah” meaning in Indonesia. Thank you for reading. I hope the information will be helpful for you.